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    hello all this is Abhishek from the account Loki in european server playing like after 6 years, and in that period forum use to be preety much active now it seems they are dead anyway i will try to put my share of tring to make it work…VJq,570LNkAiOP,tPqap1TdZf

    this thing happen 2 day ago leaders of balkan wing were like 1 field away from me so they both tried to 0 pop me attemp was failed i use my hammer to defend and that make us top defended of the server at that time even got our hero on top 15 :) (its better to have no hammer in cap rather than losing hammer as well as cap) next thing i know is there caps our 0 pop villages chiefed and 1 of them gone on vacation mode damn travian why did u introduce just a waste feature

    our ally were in nap with them so i let them grow who knows they cant be trusted. cant take any chances now so 0 pop his 3 villa now he is happily shifted in deep :)…cKz,nguqHdVkQN,mXRqAQOPvY so last leader of im2 (balkan wing)

    as i already said cant take that chance we already losted our hammer so why not ...?


    team loki

    First WW villa captured by Fools of Alliance Hannibal Barca

    This 10x server has been the craziest experience of my travian career, it seems the server is finally fixed and lag has dissapeared.

    What does everybody else think are they liking the 10x, any early artifact/endgame predictions?

    Let's hear it :)

    lag fixed travian not working from last 40 min guess how much time its on normal server

    hey guys ,

    Myself Ariv , i am from India, left travian like 4-5 years ago

    use to be top raider and top offensive account at that time , due to crona quarantine i was thinking to give 10x a try but all my old contact seems to left the game or they just stopped using skype because of discord app

    looking either for a team to join or duals . i prefered tuets tribe . even got 1 poland player also to play from this blog itself he quote" im from Poland, loads of time to play, won few servers, once had a biggest romanian hammer on server, I can also buy some gold if needed."

    open for a suggestion as well


    arivarya (skype-ariv.arya1)