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    I can see many servers with 3 tribes. But we have very few servers (only special servers) with 5 tribes.

    Don't people like new tribes (huns and egyptians)?

    I find both of them wonderful. Not sure why we do not have many servers with all 5 tribes.

    gauls actually are defensive troops Or we can say a bit balanced troops.

    Best for farming (tt)

    In 3 tribe game, best attack is with teuton. Special benefit is more resources in raids. And the brewery adds a lot more.

    But yes, having gaul can make you have defense as well as attack points.

    You should actually join at startup so that you can take leverage of oasis cleaned up by others.

    Once you have tts, then the real bounty will start.

    So skip researching sword and scout till don't have tt.

    Phlanx in begining will cover need of scout in beginning, you also get some in hero events.

    If playing attacking, no need to research dd.

    Raid is most important, in beginning you will get enough to farm from phlanx as well. So no rush for sword. Once have enough tt in queue, research swords 🙂

    Hope you have fun

    I may get many down votes....but still let me put my point. Maybe people can correlate.

    Can we have short duration games with 1x speed?

    I tend to loose interest in few becomes everyday liability kind element starts missing.

    Option available is speed server, but as the troops speed is too fast that you have great risk of loss if you get busy for some time.

    So, if possible, if we can have short duration server where Bayard are having less troops based on the length.

    This way a server can end soon and will be more fun.

    That's true. But first 3 days (specially 2nd and 3rd) when you have to raid oasis is also important. You are correct that this option is there but it is a little tricky as it might work and may go against.

    And it is part of normal game. My only appeal is to have this game different than normal ones.

    It is war game, but playing with gold club and without gold club is way too different stories.

    And in normal servers, it is just a game. If we are talking about tournament, it is way too different thing.

    Maybe I am wrong here, but this is what I felt with name "tournament". A tournament is having prizes to be distributed. Normal servers don't have that.

    So, there should be difference between two...Normal game and tournament.

    It was just what I felt. Tournament and other games should be different.

    Thanks for the reply though :)

    Thanks for downgrade, but please justify reason.

    If we give any examination, we get same resources. All candidates get same resources.

    Either name should not be tournament, or resources should be same.

    I have not seen people giving entrance exam and few can get cheat notes.

    how long qualification and final server will last?

    And as it is tournament, so every player should get fair chance. It should not depend on if you can buy gold or not.

    So, request to have gold club enabled for all at least.

    Also, can we make use of AJAX requests instead of current post requests which reload whole page. I scrolled down to a farm list, I have to again wait for page to come back there. we can easily make an AJAX call which can run in background.

    I agree...I joined a victoria server on 11 day. I am quite ahead of players joined at maybe 7 day. But people who joined on day 1, they had a lot of time.

    It is not always that you will be very far from such a player who joined earlier. As some may have villages quite close to you. As days progress, we tend to farm till deep. So, for the people who joined later, they have only choice to keep defending.

    If we do not have any benefit of joining late, probably server should not allow that.

    Please let me know what is the benefit of allowing someone to join late who cannot do much?

    Maybe, I need to learn a lot. And maybe it may be server specific as it is 2X and have good resources in beginning to build troops.

    Either a player should not be allowed to join late or should be given some option to match the average active people.

    This can add further more interesting changes a raider have to see and a fair play for all.

    We should be able to update multiple entries in one go.

    We should be able to copy one farmlist for one village to other.

    Should be like a spreadsheet and we can update it.

    It becomes very difficult, specially as natars grow, and we have to increase troops for each such village.