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    I thought I'd comeback after long departure but no this is irresponsible act that doesn't respect any of the players and yes I want to be banned **** the customer service model.

    I'm looking for teammate too I'm going for roman going for production as this is a speed server and if I will be aggressive early is dependent on the situation (e.g. a lot of near oasis , get the hero bonus as xp in first day)

    I somehow managed to make the account still waiting for the message.
    The problem is 2 hours delay are like 1 day later on normal servers

    Hello, I stopped playing this game years ago but I wanna see the X10 in action. my time line is gmt +2 I wake up early at gmt 3 (5 my timeline ).

    I will be going for romans this time. I used to play teutons but I don't think they are best in speed server. why? troop movement didn't increase as much as production so now production might be as good now while not having to keep calculating time.
    I still can't play gauls feel so passive early but with high early production should tts be a good pick? idk but no not gauls.
    I will play romans they are not bad at raiding and the double building feature will be gtrat as production is very high. They also have better hero str who will regenerate after lvling up giving them even more raiding opportunities.
    They also do bad*** hammers which will be needed very early.

    the new 2 fictions? I didn't try and not willing to at the moment and the Egyptian well with the increase in production will be a total overkill and resources will be spoiled.

    any one wanna join me?