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    your so boring i just woke up from your last post that sent me into hibernation.

    what are you even talking about

    If you thought your post made you look smarter then well it didn't. What's actually boring is this forum where there is no talking or sharing of any reports. Last time we played Travian, people used to talk, share battle reports and discussed their thoughts about what's going on in the server. This time well.....

    You're not from the SE, you had nothing to add to the topic. Why did you even reply? Plus your attempt to look cool will go unnoticed because guess what? There is barely anyone to read our posts lol. Sorry no audience for your creative insult : )

    Whats going on in South East?

    Alliances Alive:

    nGp and NGP II

    BK and BKA

    CA of S and CA of Z and CA of G

    Alliances which are dead:

    USSR - Finished

    CAVE - Finished

    Current Diplomacy in SE:

    CA alliance and BK are NAP.

    Share your Story:

    What do you think is going to happen now?

    What is going on between two strongest alliances in SE, nGp and BK?

    Someone told me that BK and GD have some kind of deal. Is that true or false?

    PS - I am not so boring guys that my threads should not get one reply also. Lets create some conversation 8)

    Anyone wants to share some gossip? I am noticing some alliance changes today. Whats going on? We folks are sitting in the background away from all the fun. So please enlighten us.

    I'm new to Com4, Previously I have played com3 and com1 several years ago. Any old player recognize me from my name, send me a message.