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    In the early game it's easy, build walls level 5, residence and crannies. They won't have that many clubs so if they attack you and they lose troops and don't take any resources they will give up on you. Further in the game you have to be in an alliance and if you are not able to fight them ask them for reinforcements

    Hello, yes teutons are cheaper and fast to train that the other tribes, at least for the 3 main tribes and romans are the opposite, the more expensive and slowest training. But if you count the actual stats of each unit you can see that teutons are very vulnerable defensive wise and romans have a good mix of attack and defense. For example, clubs have 40 attack but only 20 defense against infantry and 5 against cavalry and the legios have the same 40 attack but 35 defense against infantry and 50 against cavalry. That's why they are more expensive and slowest to train.

    Build more Embassies and Academies instead!

    You can only build one of each in each city but you can build multiple crannies and they are much cheaper and faster to build than just upgrading embassy and academy, thats why so many people advice building crannies and it is a good strategy for having cheap CP

    Guys thank you very much! You helped me a lot!

    I have another question and I will really appreciate your answers... How do you recommend to defense the account if you are going off and building a hammer?

    The best defensive troop you can get are probably praetorians, try to have some of them in each village. But as wichmaster said a good alliance is also very important

    The EI are faster and carry more resources. Additionally they are cheaper than the EC and faster to train so I prefer to train EI over the EC. For infantry you have to go with imperians cause they are the strongest attacking infantry you can get as Roman and compensate their training costs.