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    keep crying.

    bye bye

    I realize with deep disappointment that my favorite ML-wing has been left out of this vivid discussion so far:


    So what's this? Your pre-school-team? Or can we assume if it looks like sh** and smells like sh** it's probably.... you get my point?

    And I just realize that you have soo much time to come with stupid things.

    I'm quite impressed you already managed to double the amount of M.L alliances in only 2 hours! Can't wait for the next updated list because I see there have been added some more alliances to the collection in-game.

    I wrote only the important and the big allies. Anyway I did say that we are in war with the others, so I didn't say anything wrong here.

    I can only send this for now.

    If I can send you more the next few days as proof I will.

    Only 12 wings needed and you are still getting clapped, yikes :osd:

    @joaozorg Dw, I got you friend.

    This is where M.Ls mainleader’s cap/hammer + support villages went poof.


    He is not the mainlader. He is the leade of Pwr only

    each group had thier own leader.


    you are in war whit Cows,Bulls,etc.

    Can you show us some reports of thar war?



    No I can't. I am here to tell you that we are in war with them. I am not here to convince anyone by sending reports.

    Hi everyone. I hope you all doing well and enjoying the game.

    M.L alliances:













    The rest are not with us and they can Moo Moo around as they want.

    Ofc we want to win, but we don't want to win that hard to make friends with others. We also want to enjoy the game. We believe it will be more fun to have enemies in the game and that's why we are in war with Cows,Bulls,U and turks.

    Thanks & stay home and enjoy the game.