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    Team, can yous guys check this laggy server? =/

    We got a lot of gold going on, there are free servers that don't lag like that. It's frustrating...

    Hahaha, so you are the Fool who attacked with the front after 3 attacks. Damn, your team really dont deserve to win.

    About OTTOMAN, i still dont care about that players, we are not in the same league.

    Don't come here to belittle anyone's victory, your team full of cowards tried to take the fun out of the game and stayed there at lvl 59.

    Your guys acted stupidly, and suffered the consequences of that. Its simple. Tried to facilitate the victory, thinking that the union would do it for you, this is TRAVIAN my friend. All that points for nothing.

    now you can cry and learn your lesson for the next server. Cya.

    You got a plan, but not a 5x. Sad =/

    What happened to this guy?

    [RHS-Hann] That Guy da aldeia [?]


    my alliance is the one that will win the server, without having tried to take the fun out of the game.


    I've already talked to you guys, Simcity players. Do you need the plan to be able to up a WW, okay?


    Karma is complicated. Don't say I didn't warn you hahaha

    A looooooot of points and no WW. =/

    Thats sad.

    Bro, there is no room for whining. I said that you are cowards for what you did and will pay for it, because there is only noob with pop on your team.

    Your guys don't know how to ride arty, use front, make troops, defend WW and hold a plan.

    For a team that united the 3 best allys, I didn't think that the "path" was something honorable for you. Big joke.

    I'm not mad at all, but I will do my best not to let you win. Thats the game, thats the goal.

    My attack still at home, this is another aspect of the game that you don't understand hahaha the statistics only serve to show what is obvious, you are the 3 biggest alliances, it is your obligation to be at the top and not to suffer with the rest of the server.

    The game continues, there is still time for you to include some more alliance in the acronym

    So what happened to your WW? Lack resources? Or was it the Natars who attacked at dawn?

    Hahaha you can't call these attacks a hammer. Not even with artifact were you able to make a decent attack, this is a pity.

    It didn't take much to bring down your WW anyway... now run after it.

    In short: you had the top accounts of the game and are shaking. This only proves that they are just simcity players and cowards.

    wow wow wow, "entire server", look how many top accounts you called for this alliance, you cowards have teamed up with the top players in an attempt to distort the real meaning of the game.

    took the war to everyone on the server, and now use that as an argument?

    Bro, give me a break. You guys don't know how to run an artifact and synchronize an attack.

    300k soldiers in a 10x server, all the Travian gods are laughing in your face

    What happened guys?

    it's always that old Travian story. Guys think it's Simcity, send attacks before the front :D this is a big mess, you don't deserve a single gold used in this account with 10 people on the team.

    Another thing, don't take artifact too, it's a waste in your hands. And remember, you can only build WW if you have the plan, okay? :wall: