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    well... If you ask most non-Turkish players who had more influence on the outcome of the server - Istanbul or Nuts.... they would say Nuts - so, whatever was outcome - Nuts are to blame (or thanked) and Squirrels are to celebrate :D


    people don't have problem to accept who won, just sincerely don't see how Istanbul was relevant to that win, beside partial name on WW (ML/IST)

    most stated Turkish "achievements" don't exist outside Turkish imagination it seems. If you want to be praised with something more real... I can congratulate you with your tremendous improvement in your English :D That is something really impressive, if you compare your messages in the beginning of this thread and now. Praise are really deserved here

    If there is a Turk in a place, everybody will fight against her.BECAUSE IT IS REQUIRED

    That's ok, just please do NOT make too many multies, otherwise I won't be able to register my own account.... again

    Congrats to ML with the win.. Thanx to NUTs for making that possible - looks like it was to some extend an unintentional sub-product of their random messing up on the server; and special thanx to local forum turks - they manage to unite almost all server in being annoyed by their loud-oversized-bragging egos :D

    Since the registration for the server is closed, I am looking for the opportunity to dual with someone; preferably on gaul account. I am west cost pacific time zone, reasonable experience, understanding of the game and gold use. Please PM. Thank you :)

    update: thank you, already found :)