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    TG could just remove the restrictions on sitters.

    Therefore evening the gap between single player accounts, and dual accounts.

    The only restriction I would have is the need for the password to delete the account.

    this is the worst advice I have ever waste gold on cages, just to trap animals that you can't use.

    The gold would be better spent on ointments and/or a bucket or 3, so you can heal your hero when you send him to KILL animals for exp points.

    is there any Limit to how many resources the hero can hold?...NO.

    That equals an Unlimited WH.

    You failed to see the main point of my post...this opens up a whole new avenue for Cheats.

    How has TG limited the use of those resources to only the players account?

    This is so wrong, this is not Travian.

    Travian is a resource management game, you are supposed to manage your resources. Now that the Hero is basicly an UNLIMITED WH/GR there is no management to it, but open invite to cheating.

    The absolute worst decision TG has ever made as far as gameplay.

    The only players who can benefit from this are ch3ats.