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    Isn't making alliance doesn't makes me winner? We did lost our win only for Gunners. So we share win with TEN pretty simple ngl. It makes Gunners + TEN winners???

    It might work in theory but we all know gunners leaders doesn't feel it that way :)

    Also in the end it will be TEN's WW lvl 100 :)

    It is pretty simple, yes, if you can not beat an ally alone, you hug and merge with his enemies:)

    This was my last comment about this. After all it was a really fun server :)

    WPWP to everyone who played through the server. It was a really memorable server and I was happy to be part of it :)

    Good luck in the future!

    part that we lost is not truth but that we decide that TEN will build WW truth but they will do it with Gunners

    if you didn't lose then why did you team up with TEN? If you try to deny that Gow didn't make the Gunners lose by chiefing their WW 1 week before plan spawning, you are delusional :)

    Oh sorry,they just spammed her dog,an animal that didnt do anything but keep shittalking a dog yeah,much better.Gow still doesnt know how they got getter access,just cause they keep saying we hacked it ,it doesnt make it true,get your facts right please.Also saying that the yesterday password asking incident with fake leader accounts is made by toofa is a new low in terms of moral and values since its so obvious that it was a gow member :) I am not butthurt at all,i told to zenna last time on voice chat,Gow loses and i am perfectly happy with it

    Verdie confirmed the getter access, you imbecile. Your glorious leader.. it's in the post. Are you trying to provoke me at the moment?

    Also, You are extremely butthurt man. That dog spamming shit happened a month ago and you still talk about it..

    It was enough of you. When you were calling dante and ascky gypsies and then you went on to cry about Trianon (which happened more than 100 years ago) showed me that you are just a little salty hateful hungarian like most people in the country. It's a shame. Grow up, stop hating everyone... You still hate romanians while you actually don't know anything about them. What is wrong with you? What is this, the 30s?

    Wait didnt Gow hugged with TEN and Gunners? :D

    they shared my name yeah,then dante snatched my girlfriend pictures from another platform just to spam it,where 90% of the gow spammed it aswell so i cant feel bad for them.Wao you think posting random dick pics is same as spamming your loved ones picture just to make someone angry.Actually insane that you are still defending gow like in this matter they didnt do anything .Just shows how much one sided your brain is.

    Gow actually only spammed the face of the dog while romy was spamming dickpicks all evening :) Get your facts right please. Also, I just agreed that it's "low as can be". I am not sure where I defended, I just said stop being a hypocrate.

    You should realize at this point that gunners are just as bad as you think gow are in terms of moral and values.

    Also, can you be a little bit less butthurt and be reasonable?

    how should i not hate gow after how they went on to me,my personal life and on my loved ones just to trigger me.If you dont think that is low as profanity then there is something wrong in your head

    it is "low as can be". But it's so lucky gunners players would never do a similar sin like spamming dickpicks in discord chat.:) Also it was your lovely mates who shared your name and pic multiple times before the incident.

    You can hate gow all you want but then don't pretend that you want to engage in a debate in order to shittalk more.

    oh going personal in gow style i see,please enlighten me,which ones are false :) really eager to hear

    You are actually not eager to listen. You are eager to shittalk and laught at gow while being a hypocrate.

    There are some other people who can engage in with well-written arguments like Mist and he is mature enough to listen to both sides.

    I don't have enough time to listen to your hate as you are not able to see both perspectives.

    Also Mist, if you read this, I actually answered to you this morning but for some reason I need to wait for a mod to make it visible :/

    yeah man our own leadership asked from fake leadership accounts for passwords to suicide our troops,come on you can better than this.No one profited from this only gow.Gow ate gunners?interesting to me it seems like that gow is loosing the game pretty hard.I dont mint if the message says congrats to TEN,after all your pathetic sneaky shit.You and your players were the one saying its over,we killed the fun etc.This server will be remembered for Jack and Ajax sweating the whole server and still losing hard,dante fucking around with my personal life and bragging about stuff that he never achieved and sheldon following people blindly just becase "gOw Is ThE bEsT" .Would mention the rest of gow too but others are either afk,or just got turned into techs after splatting so much

    it's amazing how you can say so many bullshit sentences in such a short period of time.

    You always surprise me with your delusional views :D

    We all condemn it in GOW. No one likes this dirty play :)

    We did chief your WW and your leader's 560k rammer tho. We essentially put you out of the game so I am not sure what your point is.

    Yes, GOW doesn't possess the best endgame artifacts. We tried to steal but we failed by a litte at UD.

    I am glad you responded. I am happy to engage in with some well-written arguments.

    Firstly, We asked for Gunners engagement in the war due to the fact we lost many hammers and we didn't want to let Gunners preserve their op hammers forever. Essentially, we wanted them to join so they lose some op hammers while ten also loses some def.

    We wouldn't have thought that Gunners could steal so many arties from TEN. Kudos to Gunners there.

    You say that you would probably win in a 1v1 but in reality now you are in a confed with Gunners. If you are so sure you would have beaten us alone too, why did you team up with gunners? I know it makes it easier but it takes all the satisfaction and pride away.

    About actual facts. I think we can agree that before the confed, we had better endgame wwk/wwrs and op hammers. On the other hand, TEN had better endgame artifacts. It would have been a hell of a good fight for sure.

    About Gunners leaking info to ten about where we launch, I must say we have a proof to confirm it actually but let's leave it as it is. You will obviously deny it and we won't believe it so that's that.

    I am sorry If I missed something, it was not intentional. I am bit busy at the moment.

    I actually wasn't there at the time :)

    But I know what you mean. I just wanted to state the hypocracy :)

    Also, I thought you would not come back :(

    Nah, both things are disgusting.


    Gettertools is a third party tool and is no way related to the game. If such a thing happened it cause of spy work and shady things. What happened here is different, this is a clear case of phishing which GoW likes to attribute to Indians in discord.

    Phishing - "Phishing is a cybercrime in which a target or targets are contacted by email, telephone or text message by someone posing as a legitimate institution to lure individuals into providing sensitive data such as personally identifiable information, banking and credit card details, and passwords"

    The people who will be tricked into this are falling prey to a crime not an instance where a dual gave the password to a friend. Phishing falls under the category of Cybercrime in Europe and America.

    Like this?

    Haha you can believe all you want, market bought, fake, illegal etc etc. The fact remains that you'll be losing this server. Your views regarding my qualifications don't really matter. So please go on ahead, thats the only point left for you to speak about anyway.

    Silence is the best treatment, which is what you'll be getting from now on.

    Not really, but you failed to react to my other points so you just ignored them :) I guess you can't do that on court but you would know that as a lawyer right?

    Well I didn't invite you here to talk so I am not sure what your point is :) Thank you for not speaking rubbish anymore?

    Sheldon you know what is the best treatment for "tiny" people? Silence. Like in discord. It reminds them on how irrelevant they are :)

    Oh I know, I am just having fun with TEN's official mascot. He is bit odd and obnoxious but maybe that's the reason he is TEN's biggest mascot.

    I am aware of these facts, yes :) I just laid some opportunities where gunners could avoid their utter embarassement. It is extremely hard for them to get back in the game but they have far better wwks/wwrs than TEN or even GOW so they have a slim chance to comeback in the game.

    "As for my Law degree, you need not worry about that. Even if its bought from the market, am winning the server."

    Did you just say that you have a lawyer license from the market but it's totally fine because you "win" in a browser game? :DDD

    That's a new low for you man. :D

    Romans can be a WWR and will be in this server lol. You'll see a few. You'll eat your words then or ??? You better make sure roman WWRs can't scratch your walls then dear Edwin. I see Sheldon went quiet after passing a few personal comments, can't make racist taunts here so don't have much to say eh ?

    I had to run some errands but I see now that you are totally obsessed with me :DD I guess that "win" after all doesn't feel like a win if you are so busy defending yourself. :)