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    Lol especially if your in Gow and can only offer up insults and lack the ability to refute, or offer up any sound rebuttal of any kind :D

    Look If it was up to me I wouldn’t condone techs, but it’s not, com2 has shown me that teching has become an intricate part of the game, as it’s become a part of the game then is it really wrong to try get good at it ?

    Sometimes in order to evolve game play, one needs to think outside the box, adapt, overcome, and in the process perhaps pioneer some new tactics ;)

    dude, I always answer your posts and after a while you don’t reply anymore because I am right with facts so stop lying about it. Also, you can’t really call others cheaters when your team planted a spy to get into the other team’s getter and also salme got caught red-handed for collecting passwords.

    It would be also wise to think about yourself for a bit because you have 9!! Dislikes on your previous post. Everybody thinks you are a joke but maybe you are just a proud monkey at this point...

    Gunners leaders don’t throw players out for posting on the forum, most of them care more about the game then spamming here :p

    On the other hand that Gow cheat was considered trash to Gunners, some in gow even raved about him being ex dacia and we’re really excited by saying it, Gow mentioned they really needed this type of player in discord, like he was some sort of gods gift to Travian.

    To us he meant nothing, just another gow cheat that got binned and added to the trash pile that is Gow

    what do you mean you couldn’t care less? This is how you “couldn’t care less”? shitting on gow even when gow is completely unrelated to the subject?

    the idea was never to unite against all cheats, you never said it like that but then again, salme collecting passwords is not cheating?

    corrupt governemnt media was an example which I explained after the quote. Are you really this stupid or you just act like one when you are bored?

    who ganged up on gow? It’s you against the world buddy. Your own leader thinks you are joke and somehow you still have the audicity to come in here and trashtalk. When your own team despises you and laughs at you, you have to think about yourself for a moment buddy.

    Interesting except Ikea doesn’t pays me half the amount of attention as my loyal Gow fans, Sheldon or should I call you the failed Batman hunter? last I heard Ikeas leaders aren’t so corrupted or known for such cheating.

    uniting against Gow you say? if other teams don’t like working with gow cheats, id say that has less to do with Batman, and more to do with gow.

    Gow is supposedly an alliance that likes to pride themselves on slogging it out alone, why can’t Gow start acting like brave gods of war ?

    Cause all I’m hearing from Gow is we are a bunch of scared, precious, pansy wansy, bunny wabbits. Next I expect I’ll be fielding some complaints, that it’s too hard for Gow in the boonies to find carrots :p

    of course they don’t pay you attention because you are obsessed with GoW and not Ikea.

    You literally said after the ban that the server should unite against GoW. You don’t remember or something is wrong in your head?

    Well we certainly don’t like to merge day 200 like Gunners and Ten did but yeah I guess somehow and some way you can shittalk for that too.

    About your last sentence, I have no idea what you mean or what you try to imply but it’s clear that you are like corrupt government media. Always making up facts and trying to change reality in order to push your own agenda.

    I fear that something is very wrong with you buddy. Let me know if you want to talk about it on discord because you need help.

    The only cheat in gunners was removed, a solitary cheat unless I’m mistaken, which was later picked up and recruited by Gow, I’ve mentioned Ikea before, pretty much as bad as Gow in the cheating department.

    except you talk about gow 9/10 times and 1/10 times mention Ikea. Initially, You basically wanted the whole server to unite against us :D :D. Little irrelevant gow fanboy. Good thing tho that not even your own team respects you.

    imo best way to tackle the cheats, is to pull by the roots, weed the problems from our game for good, not just from gow, any team where cheating has become an issue.

    except that you always only talk about GoW while Ikea and Gunners had accounts who bought resources.

    Luckily, your own leader knows that you are an annoying imbecile so it doesn’t matter what you say.

    ajax It’s not up to me to decide how seriously people take things, it’s just a game after all and not something to take too seriously or get overly worked up about especially on the forums here,

    We all have differing opinions from time to time, biases can sometimes accentuate and reflect this too. A Batman perspective may not necessarily be the only one. And it would probably be foolish to think otherwise.

    it’s up to you tho how people view you and your comments. If you write dumb things all the time, your own leader will call you out :)

    go to sleep verdie

    I am not here to start arguments or provide false hoods. This is my first round with gunners and my first .com round since 2017 so I will be providing a fully factual review. If facts and stats is propaganda then this conversation ended before it begun.

    well I really hope it will be rational and not just shitting on Gow because they are Gow. Negative opinions are always welcome but if it’s only negative and there is no single positive thing to say than I will call it propaganda.

    Almost done guys, about half way through someone was like "your doing this the hard way". Now with some amazing help from Gunners Spreadsheet warriors (an area i was never good at it) we are finishing it up. Tomorrow Morning (American morning) I will post a view only link to a google sheet along with my review of how it looks. Sorry for the long wait guys !

    Can’t wait to get completely shit on by Gunners propaganda


    So why do you say you found 0 defenses on me when you did the same? Why don't you tell 1qaz that what he says doesn't make sense (since you're a leader) and that you have the techs too. Do you realize that your consistency is equal to 0? We were talking about born2be1 and you immediately screwed up the conversation. I thought you were the only one in the goW to admit the facts but until you are caught buying resources you did everything in the discord to say the opposite. LMAO. On the part of my broken English I know I'm sorry, lol.

    we didn’t launch eghs on your ww during that op. Your wwr had zerodef because you believed our getter plan. These are completely different situations.

    I am not sure about what you mean. I always answered your points while you often failed to. Also, you have batman who always say delusional things. However, I never call you out for what batman says on forum. You see the problem?

    if you would be on anglo 1 server chat, you could see that I came clean instantly after the ban there. You can check it . I wasn’t online on com2 during the time because I wasn’t in the mood to deal with so many hate. You see, anglo 1 chat is much more reasonable and fair than com2 ever will be.

    also saying “why didn’t you admit buying res before you get banned” is the same if I would say that gunners should have admitted getting in to our getter before getting caught.