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    Gunners won’t be a factor in 30 days :)

    Nice try Lol you must be forgetting these are tactics have already been used by Gow your Zerg partners Not to mention purchasing resources and looks like your conviently forgetting about Tens password bank again 😂

    No I’m not talking about what the zerg does already, if you don’t know anything about the gunner way, I’m not about to teach you either , tbh I don’t think ten would care anyway since they’ve always used the same Zerg tactics:D

    what exactly is the gunners way? attacking GoW and then breaking nap with dnd so you have a two front war on day 80? Making sure that ten hates you by annoying them and then stealing a small trainer with a plant? Asking for peace from gow and when rejected, leaking the dms?

    I am not sure it’s wise to recommend “the gunner way” to anyone mate.

    Gunners had such a nice promising start and where are you now?

    Exactly! At least nordics are in leading position because they had a very good strategy and they managed to execute it. This can’t be said gunners. Gunners, who had the largest premade because they recruited the best by far and still, Gunners have been shooting themselves in the foot already 3-4 times this server.

    There is nothing to copy about gunners except that they recruited the most intensely!

    damn Verdie, are you okay? How are you feeling nowadays?

    Yeah I know, it wasn't enough. Instead you basically asked the entire server to joint ops us. Then shifted the "reasons" towards Gunners being "immoral" the second they backed out of the deal. Still remember your goons coming in here backing up Gunners when I was making fun of their poor arti results, because at that time you were still best buddies planning the omegalul zerg.

    Well you are wrong in multiple statements but I am happy to tell you the truth (or at least my pov) if you are interested on discord.

    You believe what you want to believe, but this was our projection from the start of the server. It was confirmed very early that it was heading in that direction from the convos IKEA had with Brezzok in which Ajax was involved with planning joint ops against us. Didn't see us complain then did you? Because it was expected.

    Since nothing happened and it was only talks, there was not much of a complaint.

    I like how Verdie thinks the “zerg” which in reality would be maximum a joint op is against Gunners. It’s obviously against the nordics who are much stronger than Gunners will ever be. But keep on doing this, Verdie. Maybe in the end everyone will come for Gunners so you finally disappear from this server. :)

    @ hevvie please stay on topic this thread is a discussion about this servers mega meta not about me or Verdie or even Gunners.

    It’s about how Ten/Goats/Dnd/2.01/Gow have united 3/4 of the server, this is big news!

    The 4 quad meta severely outnumber the nords and Gunners now, where is the honor in making such a huge zerg fest,?

    Stop spreading lies, Verdie :)

    Interesting, seems there is no way DND will be able to come up with WWR with only 150+ days left in server. And Gunners is able to rebuild all their lvl 19's in no time. GG everyone, seems Gunners still set to coast on to an easy victory

    It was expected. They are the ultimate warriors. GoW, DnD or anyone else doesn’t stand any chance against them. GGWP to everyone who participated!

    THE ULTIMATE WARRIORS!!!!!!!4!4!4!4!!4!4!4!