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    I am not here to start arguments or provide false hoods. This is my first round with gunners and my first .com round since 2017 so I will be providing a fully factual review. If facts and stats is propaganda then this conversation ended before it begun.

    well I really hope it will be rational and not just shitting on Gow because they are Gow. Negative opinions are always welcome but if it’s only negative and there is no single positive thing to say than I will call it propaganda.

    Almost done guys, about half way through someone was like "your doing this the hard way". Now with some amazing help from Gunners Spreadsheet warriors (an area i was never good at it) we are finishing it up. Tomorrow Morning (American morning) I will post a view only link to a google sheet along with my review of how it looks. Sorry for the long wait guys !

    Can’t wait to get completely shit on by Gunners propaganda


    So why do you say you found 0 defenses on me when you did the same? Why don't you tell 1qaz that what he says doesn't make sense (since you're a leader) and that you have the techs too. Do you realize that your consistency is equal to 0? We were talking about born2be1 and you immediately screwed up the conversation. I thought you were the only one in the goW to admit the facts but until you are caught buying resources you did everything in the discord to say the opposite. LMAO. On the part of my broken English I know I'm sorry, lol.

    we didn’t launch eghs on your ww during that op. Your wwr had zerodef because you believed our getter plan. These are completely different situations.

    I am not sure about what you mean. I always answered your points while you often failed to. Also, you have batman who always say delusional things. However, I never call you out for what batman says on forum. You see the problem?

    if you would be on anglo 1 server chat, you could see that I came clean instantly after the ban there. You can check it . I wasn’t online on com2 during the time because I wasn’t in the mood to deal with so many hate. You see, anglo 1 chat is much more reasonable and fair than com2 ever will be.

    also saying “why didn’t you admit buying res before you get banned” is the same if I would say that gunners should have admitted getting in to our getter before getting caught.

    yes please show ss, because the task was to send all the def to our ww. I am not sure you know what “crying” means. I know your english has its flaws pastaman but check the dictionary please.

    Born2be1 came to us and he wanted to join us. He knows a couple of gow players from com4. We didn’t go to him like (you did)to join gow.

    1qaz did but 1qaz is not me. I am sheldon. You can read my name, it’s next to my profile picture. Please show me proof when I said that GoW doesn’t have techs.

    we were talking about born2be1, what does my wwr have to do with it? Don't change my course my dear Ajax's puppet8o

    As for the techs, it was you who said that buying resources and having techs is the same thing and above all crying that duat had and have techs ... crying about something one does so much better than you is just gow

    if u want to talk about the wwr, what happened to ajax's wwr and tauski's wwk?:D

    you just seem to be really mad, might just be some irl issue then. Hope it gets resolved buddy.

    I never cried about duat having techs. I only said they have more techs. I also didn’t say that it’s the same thing, it was dante. However I agree with him but I think it’s important to clarify.

    Very proud of you. Literally 6 egh were sent to our ww so yeah we sent our def to our ww. Wonder what could gunners do if you didn’t literally merge with ten because you couldn’t win alone anymore :D Kudos for chiefing villages without any def. really sad that this is your only thing you can be proud of.

    Nobody asked him to go back my dear Sheldon but if you read my conversation with him it was to understand what direction he has taken and to make him understand that goWs are not the ideal alliance for him.

    You do everything you can to discredit the Gunners, but from which pulpit? The facts speak for themselves. In addition to having 5 bans for illegally purchasing resources, you have even recruited one who did the same. How far can you go down? And don't tell me that the other alliances have techs, you don't?

    The funny thing is that you are proud to have illegally purchased resources.

    when did I ever say that gow doesn’t have techs ?

    Could you show me some proof before going on a such a massive rant. I feel like you are still really mad about your wwr... oof. I hope you won’t have an egh now because you will have ptsd problems :D

    I read those conversation again, It’s still feel like you wanted him back. Maybe try to treat your members better. Writing announcements and stating that you won’t push back and help your players if they get hit is not the way to go buddy.

    also, It’s pretty funny when gunners call gow players cheaters when you guys got our getter and still lost your ww. Must be harsh to be a cheater still lose massively. It would certainly explain why Batman has nightmares about gow.

    Pot calling the kettle black or did you forget what your leaders are prepared to do to acquire resources ? How many Gow players got caught out for it?

    When Gunners found such a player on the other hand they were dealt with internally post haste.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a couple of techs hiding under gunners leaders radar, but it’s still very small scale as compared to other teams, especially metas like GOW or Duat, more so Gow because they’ve shown their prepared to stoop below any sort of tech assistance for help.

    and theen salme contacted born2b1, begging for him to come back to play in gunners. You are delusional again mate and I am not even surprised anymore.

    Actually if you check out my older posts you’ll see I’ve been a member of SGR and played against vices. I could do some digging to prove a point but encourage others to do so, unfortunately the leader of gow here is somewhat of an idiot.

    I am in Gow, ofc I may chose to share things to another team. And with a Joker like Sheldon at the helm it’s no wonder why Gow struggle to keep control of there own getters

    I am not the leader of gow and I know that you played in SGR but whatever I guess.

    yeah I am just talking to a wall now. There are hundred and more things wrong with what you just wrote but I am too busy to focus on you anymore. I got tired of your false and provocative discussion. You just push your narrative without putting them into any context or giving them any support by arguments. Nonetheless, It was a nice talk buddy.

    and for the record for who reads this. No, Batman doesn’t play in GoW. He never was and never will. Batman is a huge supporter of Gunners and Vices. If you don’t believe me just check his old posts.

    p.s also for anyone who wonders why forum is an empty place. Because of people like Batman :) no wonder everyone talks on discord where dumb liars get smashed into pieces

    Don’t tell me what I am or am not, Your not playing my account!

    I am glad I choose Gow to play in, actually they have a lot of nice players, besides one drop kick of a leader and a few misdemeanours with Russians there not half bad.

    Do you have mental issues? No, you don’t play in GoW. I can understand that you got kicked from gunners because of your stupidity but you are not in GoW. You can’t just go to forum saying that you play in this team and in that team without any evidence. It doesn’t work like that.

    I know you like the attention but it is time to stop this nonsense and work on your life buddy

    That makes sense and I only heard about our team Gow using the Russians, and even then I had no idea how the system works. Although our leaders say Duat use them to and that it’s a normal thing amongst teams now.

    interesting how widespread it is and if your not wrong, it’s not even localised to any one country...

    Hopefully tg can look in to this situation further and maybe make a new guide for those not in the know like me, so us old fashioned noobies and the newbies can learn more about it and keep up :)

    you are not a gow player so stop stating that you are. I understand that gunners leadership has been embarassed enough by your nonsense but still, that’s your team. So stop lying in forum like you love to all the time. Embarass Gunners and not us.

    How many techs would the average player need to compete properly, against the accounts that use them today ?

    Loffe curious how many techs are you using ?

    sheldon seems your very confused on discord, FiGhTinG 4 Da GoW HoNoR..except teching and Gow acquiring resources from Russians are totally two different things ;)

    You completely misunderstood me but I don’t expect anything of you. Also, what do you expect from a player who doesn’t show ign but barks on forum like a good old doggo for gunners. Literally your leader avis thinks you are disgrace but carry on :)

    I haven’t said anything like that but thanks. Actually I only mentioned alliances and players that are much more well known for it like Ajax, Loffe and others that pride themselves on teching.

    I’d be more embarrassed if I was in gow to be honest last round having 3 or 4 wings and not being able to produce any end game hammers of worth, those they did have they allowed to get chiefed. I’d call that an embarrassment to the entire server.

    On the other hand I hope you’re a leader in Gow and maintain our access to your teams getter tools. Don’t worry too much about me rest assure gow leaders like you are a great help for Gunners :D

    you are really cute when you try to do banter but at the end of the day, you can’t even tell us your identity because you are too afraid that the whole community (including a couple of gunners mates) would zeropop you instantly.

    Really? That’s not what Gow leadership discussed with Loffe, Jack even wanted to make Duat a Gow wing :D

    What about Gow’s techs? Ajax usually needs a wing of techs just for himself. Goats have a high tech wing that’s already been hyper linked,

    Still a number of main alliances that haven’t been mentioned riddled with techs alliances like ten, Gunners, ikea, dnd, 2.01, ne. Perhaps that says something about the style they prefer to play ? ;)

    imaging saying that Gunners don’t tech in 2020. Your opinion is delusional and worthless. You are an embarassment for Gunners. But you know what, keep up the „good” work, the reputation of gunners is steadily going lower because your presence on forum. Well done...

    Well that’s your opinion of course, imo there are still alliances out there that prefer to play clean of such techs, multis ect..

    there are but not on com2 mate. You can’t be so obnoxious to actually think that gunners don’t use techs.