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    Do we really have to discuss the imaginary version 4.6? Why do you want a discussion at all, when you are ready to deploy it to all servers from March 15. Doesn't that sound a little weird to you? The change in graphics that the community asked you to do more than a year ago has disappeared into oblivion, and now you want a discussion of a version that no one has seen before. The discussion will certainly be very fruitful.

    Couldn't agree more. It's been tough lately for all pf the players.

    It's bad though for the new region system if we use that option.

    When all of the region are filled with players, there will be no point in coordinating the players anymore.

    The expansion into another region will be meaningless.

    And also, the multis that spawned on the beta server are insane.

    It's a glitch in this new region server, especially for everyone who are playing in the small region as their spawn point.

    Please do consider to resize the spawn point of each faction.

    Winning by faction, yes.

    But mainly - winning by alliance points in this winning faction, which is way harder. To achieve that players at times will have to sacrifice for example some powers that give nice bonus to the alliance to the region that gives most points, make strategic decisions whether they should go let's say for Carthago (Unique boots - 20 points) or Hibernia (200 points) early in the game to be top-lead.

    Prefer the hibernia :/

    I am absolutely agreed with this one.

    Quality all that matters in this game. It's a common secret that people tend to have one or more account in travian, and in shadow empire with its current system indirectly encourage people to build a large quantity of account.

    We will se the biggest META/Union in the travian history. I predicted the losing faction will just go join the winning faction since player do not have any attachment on their spawn facton. This is actually blow up all the faction system thing.

    From the answers and confirmed by support. I am wondering if developers understand how big of a difference does it creates between factions, to the point there only two, maybe three worth considering as a starting location for any ambitious alliance. I would really really like to hear reasoning for limiting spawning to the first region till it full. "Hey guys! We want to give you room for more starting strategies! Actually no, we don't. Three is the charm."

    While Horde alliance have Syhtica (which is very large), the empire have the Italy region. It will create such a tremendous gap in terms of VP. For first 7 days, the empire can hold 3 or more regions while horde had only 1 region. It is basically the same with the other faction.

    Not to mention, the world of Travian is kinda unfair for certain faction. While the some faction have relatively safe spawn position (far from other faction) the other faction got surrounded by the enemy with such a short distance.