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    8)Know Your Market Place

    1- Prices go up and down. The start of the server will see extreme prices because nobody has anything and are desperate. You can use this to your advantage depending on what items you need for your plan and what items you

    get. People will pay 10k+ for culture producing helmets at the start and again when the better culture helmet comes out. (Helm of Gladiator and Helm of Tribune).

    Overnight prices go down because less people are active, I can buy cheap at night and re-sell

    Prices will peek again when the server releases stronger items, people will pay 5-10k for the new gear

    Studying the marketplace can really help you use it to make a lot of silver without paying for it. It will record what you were outbid for and what you sold for learn when to put your items on the market and when to buy them and you will get what you need with extra silver in your pocket. Remember it takes several hours to sell. Remember that More people play on weekends and get paid on Friday. You will see the change in prices

    Last night on server 1 I bought two books of wisdom for about 1k and I expect both to sell for about 2200 .