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    With a half sized map, can we hope for a reduced Tournament Square speed ? Because 5x speed seems a bit too much. It already is much more difficult to organize defence now, so if the map is small, it will make it very difficult.

    it gives speed for defender units too so just build it in the village and your problem is solved and if you cant get defenders to work 10h before attacks landing thats not TS fault

    about the simming, you forget there were 2 metas who simmed, DND and GUNNERS, so even if going according to your logic that simming until day 80 helps to good execution on arti day, DND also simmed and should have an amazing set up for arti,

    for example, 2 weak kids fighting for an item, and 2 strong kids fighting for an item. is the strong kid have more advantage than the weak kid ??

    just unlucky arti spawn for gunners :harold:

    Damn I want to know what you smoke and where could I get stuff like that. :D

    well I really hope it will be rational and not just shitting on Gow because they are Gow. Negative opinions are always welcome but if it’s only negative and there is no single positive thing to say than I will call it propaganda.

    Since when GoW made anything positive? :harold:

    They delayed the com1 that is currently running, because everyone requested it. As said, ordinarily they would probably have delayed com2 too upon request.

    I disagree with why they won't delay it, but as said, I am not allowed to explain why (as in, I am legally not allowed to tell you (NDA)).

    It's not confirmed, but it's Saku's estimate based on usual server starts (and I think it's a pretty good guess).

    Seems like TG wants to loose even more players as they dont care about community, don't hey understand if all fun start winter everyone want to play more and spend more gold that would be even good for buisiness... The more competitive server is ppl get more exited and shows deeper pockets.

    if you didn't lose then why did you team up with TEN? If you try to deny that Gow didn't make the Gunners lose by chiefing their WW 1 week before plan spawning, you are delusional :)

    Isn't making alliance doesn't makes me winner? We did lost our win only for Gunners. So we share win with TEN pretty simple ngl. It makes Gunners + TEN winners???

    Travian is game of numbers... but somehow you cant even count to 7 properly :D:D:D:D:D:D:D