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    This is how it works,

    If you have a 50 % oas it gives 100 % at level 20 waterwork

    So if you have a level 10 waterwork it gives 50 % increase on the 50% oas but in fact only gives 25% since 50% is 100% of that oasis.

    Well hope you understand what i wrote ;D

    No for sure on this, well the idea is good but take this for example.

    If it cost money to play on the server more than half of the player base will not even register.

    So for example if a server use to have 4800 player we can see prob only 1500 player on that server.

    But my suggestion would be instead only use gold club and nothing else.

    No gold use to NPC or anything only have the gold club, get rid of everything like resources bonus and all.

    This will make the game fear and a way to earn money cause of the gold club.


    I know this is 2020 and people havent really been active but ill try anyway

    Im looking to take this game seriously and would like to learn it. Im transitioning from tribal wars and plan on playing competitively on the new event, currently using the beta to learn the game.
    If anyone is interested in teaching me to an advanced level fell free to PM me on discord - mykon01#5819

    edit: Anubis just helped me out, he was great and gave alot of help. Thx

    Yes i would suggest using the forum for questions otherwise just play the game and make those mistakes the rest of us have made,

    you learn by playing, remember to ask your alliance for help if so needed

    Here is another suggestion about a feature that would be beneficial.

    What about an option that allows us Item collectors to sort the hero bag.

    Like if you only want to see the items you can use like bandage or ointment.

    Than you can as well sort so you only see the hero equipment like gear.

    Same thing if you have like 3 buckets it would be great if those stacks instead of taking 3 spots

    If i'm not wong this feature exist in travian kingdoms ?



    If it can be done by Human Button Clicking + 100 gold with already in-game mechanics (only things missing are the resource reimbursement and the prerequisite structures test) then it can be automated very easily.

    With the new Hero Bag it gets even easier. Just pre-pay the player the cost of the of the structure directly into the hero pouch, and extract goods from it each time a new level is paid for (so that the hero ends the transaction with the same amount of resources it started with).

    what you describe here is more like a bot auction, this is not how coding looks like.

    I'm not a fan of going for a mix, Either you play offensive or defensive, I myself would go for Ash wardens with Anhur guard for defensive anvil.

    Slave militia is a fast to train but I would not go for it unless you need some troops really fast.

    Egyptians as whole is a defensive class, if you want an offensive class go for something else is my tips

    Very very true. Some of those "Pro tips" are even simply bad recommendations. But hey, try to convince the bad players that they are bad.

    But with gold you can build your account faster. Bigger accounts, higher level of barracks, stable and workshop or even more barracks etc.. Therefore, you will outproduce any player without heavy gold, usually.

    Yes, I totally agree with you

    Buy Gold and use it alot if you don't you will be at a disadvantage due to the players who are using gold. Getting attacked by players who used gold is tough due to the wave builder they use to keep attacking and destroying your buildings. The new way the resources are placed into your hero's inventory so do not use them so you have resources to rebuild after being attacked.

    Yes, gold have a huge impact on the server, if you have gold in a unlimited amount you could play the game around twice as fast as someone who don't. But at the same time training times in baracks is the same even with gold on normal server without troop merging. So building troops is the most important part of the game,

    So my only tips really to all out there is to keep those barack up and runing al the time.

    Do not even consider building something else if it means your barack stays empty for a long time.

    Toops, troops and even some more troops

    Hi I would suggest there was a date/time somewhere that tells when the list was sent away, could be next to the farmlist name.

    This way we could easy see when we last time sent away our targets in that list

    if i remember it correctly archive is a travian plus feature already so yes would be great to have some sort of sort function

    well if it comes to spike inactive players they could easy be made like you can not send deff to a player that been inactive more than say 5 days,

    I just see that in the end-game for a tournament server for example there could be 10 WW right, well the rest of us that do not go for a ww but still

    confed with aa ww holder we just sit back and hope for the best

    Please correct me if i'm wrong in this one,

    I could not agree more

    Seems you can't do anything about this atm but as we see they working on it.

    Will probably be changed in a few days but my guess is that they make the change before or at 2020-07-14 on all the servers

    It seems like they are working on it but the lack of information is not good, on the qualification servers they changed the update date to 2020-07-14 cause of this probably

    Hi again,

    I have seen that travian kingdom shows what rank you are in the top 10 .

    Like if you are a raider for example, you ain on the top 10 list it shows you are maybe rank 100 instead of ? as it shows now.

    I just wondering what you guys think about that and why kingdom use that thing and not travian legends.