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    This is a suggestion for not only servers like Codex Victoria, but eventually ANY Travian server. It will increase Travian revenue and save players from much tedious drudgery - win-win! This new hero item is the "Scepter" and like other items it comes in three tiers.

    The Iron Scepter is Tier I. Only ONE Iron Scepter will be released (well, later you could experiment with more but as Tier III scepter is inherently a unique tool, it would be rational to keep the Tier I item like that too), and it will appear unannounced in the auction a week or so after the server starts. By equipping the Iron Scepter, the bearer can banish one other player from the server (and they cannot return from that email address to that server for the duration). The scepter is consumed by this use. Oh yeah! This will be a popular item and the bids will go sky high! But only one player gone from 10,000 so no big deal for Travian Games, eh?!

    The Diamond Scepter is Tier II. Only one Diamond Scepter will be released as above, with other Tier II items. By equipping the Diamond Scepter, the bearer can disband and disarm one whole alliance, but the individual players can regroup and rebuild if they choose. When the Diamond Scepter is equipped, the chose alliance will cease and all former members of that alliance will lose all their troops where ever deployed, even on the march. Queued recruitment will be unaffected! So those hapless fools will be the laughing stock of the server - like having their pants pulled down! But maybe they will get mad and try to get even! Grudge Match. They will have to buy a lot of Gold to stay in the game.

    The Golden Scepter is Tier III. There can be only ONE! When the Golden scepter is equipped, That alliance wins the server, hands down. The exact mechanism of how this transpires, I have not worked out in detail . . . but does it really matter? Well, we cannot have just ANYONE wield the Golden Scepter - that would not be fair! No, the Golden Scepter can only be wielded by a player who is also in the top 1% of all players on the server. So a player cannot simply hide in a fortress until tier III and grab the Golden Scepter! No, they have to BUILD, and this will naturally make them a candidate for being dispatched by the Iron Scepter or the Diamond Scepter! On the other hand, an alliance that was going to win anyway, can buy the Golden Scepter just to keep it out of other players' grasp. The server can go to the end like normal - but the "winners" will have the Golden Scepter in their hip pocket for "insurance".

    Travian will still enjoy brisk gold sales to the top players in each server, fighting it out to be eligible for the Golden Scepter use. And of course once the Golden Scepter is wielded, the server will end and a new one can begin, so this will improve server turn-over times. Down the road, Travian can move up the Tier releases and shorten the servers durations even more.

    I dedicate this suggestion to those who inspired it, the awesome card-charging and high-bidding team of T~RiSK! As anyone who has read this far can see, this is a seriously revenue generating concept, for which Travian Games will probably be inspired to make a big reward in GOLD!! I hereby donate all such reward to be distributed equally among the hard-working members of the T~RiSK consortium.


    When you are in an alliance, swap defensive troops with other allies who are closest to you. At first just a few, more later. So your village defense doesn't cost any different: you are feeding some reinforcements from other villages, and other players are feeding your troops that reinforce them. On the dark day that you have an incoming attack, you can recall your troops and your village has a big army. You don't have to wait for your allies to be online, when it might be too late. Of course, your allies might also have an attack and they might recall their troops too; then neither of you will be any worse.

    This is a simple idea, but it takes some coordination in the alliance. Some players want to keep all their troops in constant raiding and don't want to build defenders. An alliance can decide as a group if the defensive players will support these offensive players with troops while also giving mutual defense to other defenders. Then it gets more complicated.



    delbarco; ts4 sez: Send all your nearby neighbors a friendly note while you are still in beginner protection. Ask them about their experience and strategic plans - chat them up a little. They might lie about it, and attack you right after protection finishes, they might ignore your messages, and then you won't be any worse off than you would have been. But they might think 'that delbarco guy is an OK person; I'll leave him alone for now, or maybe we'll even become allies'. Then if they show weakness or you don't like the name of their village or whatever, you can still attack them, but there is a chance they might not attack you first! And it is even possible that you WILL become allies. That would be kinda' sweet. Allies nearby are a lot more helpful than allies far away.