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    Which quad?

    Does someone know why there are so few players on the com 3 server ?

    I know its still early but currently there are only 1200 players .. thats really low ( relatively )

    someone know whats going on ?

    Maybe due to comx3 which is running at the same time

    Anyway noobies are not here that much! lol

    Obviosuly we‘ve reached a new low. Arabs now buying whole accounts with artifacts in them. :)

    They are negotiating with Natars too ^^

    Trying to buy their troops and villages

    Finally they will buy Travian and ruined it like anything else

    God knows!

    Where are Admins and managers?

    Hints selection have a bug I think loool

    They are kidding us 🤣😆

    Hints such as capturing animals and farming your neighbours selected as best hints

    Oh shame on you the selector

    As absurd as the hell

    So try not to waste our time in these subjects <X

    4. Praetorians are infamous for their defensive stat against infantry. However, Teuton's spearmen are the strongest per crop against cavalry. Try to have some teuton def players.

    great hints bravo

    Some players understimate the value of def troops and especially anvils which can be used as dynamic def.

    But I do not agree with you in the 4th one, Praetorians are anti-infantry and more balance than phalanx and spearman

    But they are so so heavy :) which shall be used as static def

    kamroop from COM1

    For gauls, your best call is your defense. Gauls have the best defense in all of the tribes

    Its for the early game that we use Gauls defensive troops; I believe Gauls is a mid game tribe

    Spearman + prateroen are the best match against both cavalry and infantry and also with less crop usage in comparison with druider and phalanx

    But I believe in Gauls which can support Teutons and Romans in the early game

    Also inserting with Druiders is one of my favorites

    Thunders are good catchers too

    Attention for Teutons !!

    Be aware of counter attacks

    In the early game when you have some clubswingers and raiding others, try not being catched in your own villages by counter attackers who set one or more attacks by any troops specially thunders 😆 or even single hero on your clubs army when you are on the way to home.

    In which the evasion option will be compromised and poor clubs will be vanished in a blink :D


    1. Set some def on that village

    2. Do not attack or raid using all of your clubs army

    3. Use hero's map to make it hard for counter attackers to calculate your back time

    4. Do not disturbe Gauls 🤣

    Account: absurd

    Server: comx3