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    Hi there,

    First of all, I hope all of you and your loved ones are and will remain healthy.

    Then, I want to say congratulations to every single player of this x10. I think we all share the same opinion : this one was really worth playing, with a lot of players, a lot of action. I think every players missed that kind of server a lot! Now we had this one, we all need this kind of action during the future servers. I will never accept to play again on a server with like 100 active players and natars as only ennemies :D

    Big shoot out to every INFAMOUS coalition players. Almost 90% of the coalition was built during the server, with people from all around the world, with very different levels, but at the end such a big family. Many of us came in there without any real goal, but at the end everybody was so involved, THANK YOU for that !

    Concerning INFAMOUS, I hope everybody learnt some more about the game during this server. It was such a pleasure to help leading the team.

    And also, big, big shoot out to the others leaders of the coalition, to my mates from WW holding team and to our building plan holder <3..... We are now allowed to sleep for the next 48hours :D

    I hope to play with or versus anybody from this x10 again on a future server !! Feel free to message me for that.

    Finaly, I'm not a good video maker so I just saved all the reports from INFAMOUS WW and building plans, I'll try to find something to share it all easily :D



    Do you play on other servers? Your name rings a bell, looks like infamous will take this one! Congrats to all who played!

    I used to. Didn't play since 2016, but not with that name :D

    That's not over... so close but yet so far

    Haha good to get away from the trolls, Im ready for this server to end and to get some sleep!

    Regardless on who wins this turned out to be a lot more fun than I was expecting at the beggining of endgame!

    INFAMOUS WW Team also man, gonna sleep 24h hours as any WW reach 100 :D

    Hey !

    Thats a surprise for no one your hammers are the stronger ones with 3weeks training under unique trainer and a good use of it :D

    What a nice race anyway, drink some redbull or whatever, only one night remaining :D

    Good luck all