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    God where do i begin to dismantle your post.

    1) I provided a screenshot of the IGM from which TNT issued to all wings (got removed by mods) pushing you. I can provide it whenever and where ever you want =O

    2) IGN will remain hidden for now, so yea.

    3) Name the leaders who have been banned? " false accusations" as you said yourself until you prove otherwise!! (Banana, 1qaz, AYAZ, Blitzkrieg have never been banned so wtf you smoking) "i wanna get more info from this "TALKER""

    4) Pushings are allowed, first truthfull thing you said congrats (never said they werent)

    5) I Have experience and i can tell you a player of your caliber (top simmer and a top raider) does NOT and SHOULD NOT be receiving pushes. Ridiculous that a leader in your position needs a push rather than you pushing your members (but a pattern is forming here). Few should prop up the many, not the many propping up the few! My issue is you get pushes from 5 wings and take the credit like your some kind of beast, no your playing a cowards game, NGP can stand on their own yet you recruit 3 wings of TNT.

    6) "Especially as you played on RO servers, you should know how real travian is played" I have never played on RO servers WTF you talking about Willis?? :D

    7) You are clearly a very good player (way better than me), im not doubting that. It takes skill to accelerate an account as fast as yours (regardless of gold) so thats just you stroking your self confidence again, so congrats on that one.

    8) I have never heard of you on Com1 before "ThErEfOrE yOu ArE TrAsH bRo", no thats not how the game works actually, alot of good players haven't heard of good players but apparently MoonBlaze knows everyone :/

    9) Here MoonBlaze scrapped the bottom of the barrel as ive just demonstrated, your talking trash your bringing personal insults into it no friends this, lady that, but you do you MB!

    Your a child MoonBlaze_RO , im struggling to put your forum post against your account as they dont match up. Write it down and get Venom to proof read it for you next time.

    looking forward to your words of fury in the next post.

    Ive heard alot of ramblings going on in discord of the NGP 'SUPREME LEADER".

    Its that sickening arrogance that is always somewhere to be found on travian servers (theres always one).

    NGP i dont think anyone can doubt are probably the strongest alliance in the server, with 2 strong wings, and good showings in all statistics, props.

    here is where the embarrassment begins:

    - RAR in current state is formed (RAR, MT & NE) - NGP response is to take in 3 new wings of TNT.

    - NGP plans to use 3 wings as meat shields in the NE, as god forbid NGP the already clear main contender, need a bit extra cushion. Maybe its lack of confidence in leadership.

    - the real cherry on the cakes MoonBlaze as already stated one of the top if not top accounts over all on the server, needs alliance pushes to boost his hammer :D

    - it doesnt stop there, MoonBlaze is now getting pushes from all the accounts in TNT :D;(

    Its a bit of a pet peeve of mine, it happens too often, the strongest alliance sees a little competition (in this case are RAR even competition?) and resort to the cowardliness of then zerging a bit more just to un-even the odds due to a lack of confidence in their own capabilities.

    This may trigger some meat heads to jump on the keyboards (maybe not) would be nice to see MoonBlaze comments on the matter.

    Im sure it would provide some comical reading.

    I forgot that posting IGMs on the forums is against the rules so the mods had to edit my post so I don't end up in trouble.