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    Thank you for your kind reply.

    I have sent the dates of emails to customer support and they replied that I can transfer only to Balkans server.

    The mail by itself does not refer the server played, so I cannot do anything more.

    Just wasting time.

    Life goes on...

    The point is that I do not receive a clear reply ''why'' from the support and this is that makes me angry and confused.

    I have asked them to explain and they just close the ticket.

    Sorry but this is not customer support

    until what date were those old links to be used? maybe they expired....

    there is another thread here saying that all links for transfer DO NOT expire and this is not the issue.

    I write my email at the link page, accepts it and then asks for the user name I want to transfer.

    Mail is found, user name no...

    I did it mainly to see what is going wrong.

    I tried years ago, forgotten links of 10,20,50 gold etc in total 6-7 None can be transfered.

    There are many domains under dot com. Those countries that have their own domains such as the Netherlands ( cannot exchange gold with the main dot com for instance. And it has always been that you cannot transfer gold between domains. Also, the tournaments are considered to be their own domain as far as gold transfers go. I hope this clears up your confusion.

    No it does not, as I do not play on, but just .com!

    I am playing travian for more than 10 years now, spending quite serious amount of gold(=money)
    I tried to transfer gold from com to com, playing in same country and it is not possible!!!!

    Help support replied that it is not possible to transfer gold from diff servers and closed the ticket.

    I searched all previous forgotten transfer emails also and no one can be transfered to the new game.

    Of course I replied immediately asking to explain why and asking for a screenshot maybe missed showing that transfer from com to com is not possible.

    Again they replied that it is not possible.

    Sent a big mail about dissapointment of non accurate rules.

    Never replied and closed the ticket again without any response!

    I play now one month again already spent many gold, so they make me think just to go.

    It is not the money, but the behaviour...

    it is such a pity for a so nice online game to have such a bad support!

    After many years I am dissapointed...:(