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    think about the differences of having a dual and having a bot.

    when a player activated a bot, the real owner of the account stopped playing but the account will keep on doing the progress.

    when a player plays with a dual, the real owner of the account stopped playing but the account will keep on doing the progress.

    when a player paid for a bot to do his work on developing his account (automation) . His account will be banned.

    when a player hire another player to work on developing his account (automation) . His account will not be banned.

    the main purposes of getting a bot are:

    1. Farming non-stop

    2. Alerting Incoming attacks

    3. Constant development

    the main purposes of getting a dual are:

    1. Farming non-stop

    2. Alerting Incoming attacks

    3. Constant development

    For a more complete information,


    The use of scripts and/or bots to automate actions on the account or to resemble premium features is forbidden.

    This includes, but is not limited to, the following actions:

    • Raiding other accounts automatically (and sending attack waves automatically)
    • Starting adventures automatically
    • Building and upgrading resources fields and buildings in villages automatically
    • Scanning the map automatically
    • Scanning the statistics of other players automatically
    • Pushing resources to other accounts automatically
    • Training troops automatically
    • Placing bids in auctions for items automatically
    • Starting celebrations automatically
    • Scanning own villages to display village resources and information in one place
    • Any other automated actions performed by third-party software


    I don't see anything wrong here.

    1. They are very different

    2. I'm 100% sure that my duals will not perform those actions performed by bots

    3. my dual is not a 3rd party. he is my cousin or brother or my mom or friend or whatever :)

    4. It is absolutely okay and my duals will not result in unfair advantage against the majority of other players

    Furthermore, dual feature is very good for travian community. Wondering why?

    1. Players will be able to bully new players far more effectively! We can have more fun and kicking out new players means there's less competition right ?

    2. We don't need any gold. Why buy Travian Plus when you can just get a dual to upgrade buildings nonstop and manage everything my ourselves ???

    3. This method allows us to defeat even those gold players! We can get rid of those gold players without having to spend golds ourselves, so fun!

    Lastly, since Travian surely operates as a business, we should think about the opportunity cost of course.
    We need to evaluate the business decision's effect on profit and customer satisfaction.

    So ,let's consider what we gain and what we lose when we keep the feature available :)

    if we keep the feature:

    1. Non-gold players who use duals will keep on playing the game ( They probably consist of only about 10% of the community or less )

    2. travian's player base will keep on decreasing because the majority of new player will quit (from around 20% player growth rate into -5% maybe? )

    3. Gold players will stop playing, or they will spend their money to hire a dual instead because dual gives more advantage than Travian Features.

    (Loses around 15% income each year)

    4. For gold players who doesn't quit but they found a friend to play with him as a dual, he will spend less gold (Loses around 5% income each year)

    5. Old players will eventually stop playing due to unfair advantage (loses 3% player base)

    if we delete the feature:

    1. We lose 5% of the community because players who use duals get upset

    2. 5% of dual users will keep playing the game (dual players have high motivation to win, they are addicted to the game and will just keep playing) LMAO

    3. New players have better gaming experience ( from -5% player base growth rate into +20%)

    4. Golds players will allocate their spending on golds as usual because they can't hire duals anymore (15% income increase)

    5. Gold players who enjoy playing together will keep playing on separate account. An extremely high chance that they spend golds on both accounts

    ( number of active accounts on server increases by 5% and income increases by 5% )

    6. Old players will stay because the game is still competitive and not overwhelming ( increase 3% player base)

    Dual feature gives so much advantage for travian, we should definitely support it guys!

    looking for a dual now or a friend to play with, preferably offensive player and someone who buys gold and has a strong will to win and grow strong :)

    now that the amount of players is decreasing and the map size is smaller. The number of an alliance's member should be decreased too or else 50% map would be friends to each other in the mid game and in the late game 80% players will just be merged into 1 team (20% afk lol). everyone wins WW

    Thats the point, if you want to play offensive playstyle, then "you have to make them yourself". Not simply clicking raid on inactive players endlessly and brainlessly. That's why monotonous activity that requires 0 strategy should not be rewarded at all on a strategy game. You've made a good point there. :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

    raiding itself is not a meaningful engagement. Interacting with inactive players? what?

    compared to raiding, spiking is a way much more meaningful interaction because you hinder the growth of your enemy.
    Raiding inactives is not even an interaction at all. :D

    One more important note to consider for moderators:
    spiking could prevent bot accounts because it will be pointless for them to create account that they cant farm themselves.
    This way, people will naturally start raiding another players as it would be more rewarding than creating bots that can't be farmed.

    All we have to do is make sure that raiding active players becomes more rewarding and less costly.

    The implementation of hospital is a wonderful start that has been made by developer teams.

    I honestly think that it is brilliant and very useful in encouraging players to battle on each other rather than raiding inactives and bots. :thumbup:

    ( to encourage attacking active players even more, maybe the attacking side can heal their a higher percentage of their troops wounded in battle, while defending side can't heal any troops.
    Another way could be increasing the amount of resources raided by a percentage. For example:
    A raided B and successfully steal 500 resources.
    Then A will receive 600 resources, while B lost 500 resources. This is just an example of creating a reward system for battling active players, I'm sure game developers would have even more creative and better solution than this. Just want to make the point that we need to somehow REWARD STRATEGIC ACTIONS ON ACTIVE PLAYERS AND PUNISH BRAINLESS ACTIVITIES ON INACTIVE PLAYER).

    This way, people will start to engage more often on each other and people will find that the game would be a lot more fun, not repetitive, and exciting. I'm sure that players count will increase when people start viewing Travian as a strategic and non repetitive game.

    We will solve three problems at once:
    1. boring and brainless play style.

    2. Bot accounts
    3. increasing the amount of players playing Travian


    Raiding is not getting way too strong (amplified by 40% resource production bonus, which makes inactive villages yield even more farm). Ever since spiking is removed, Travian just turns into boring PRESS RAID RAID AND RAID button over and over again.

    If this continues, this game is not a strategy game. It is just an afk farm game just like any other games because raiding requires absolutely no brain power to do and there's ABSOLUTELY NO RISK IN DOING IT.

    Travian is a war game that requires strategy and complexity, not just grinding and repeatedly pressing the same button over and over again like flappy bird (press the same button over and over again to gain resource). Allowing players to spike could add more depth to the game as players will start to think strategically which inactives are raidable and which one is dangerous.

    if people argue that spiking encourages defensive play style way too much, then the game should add more objectives that can only be acquired by playing offensively, NOT BY REMOVING 100% RISK IN DOING BORING REPETITIVE STUFF TO GAIN ADVANTAGE.

    This game is made for human beings who values strategy not human beings who play like a bot that hopes he can win by executing the same stuff over and over again without thinking.

    I'm looking for an ally too
    I play full defensive and ready to contribute as personal defender,

    Currently playing on Travian ID server 4

    looking for a preferably experienced gold user,

    would love to team up with ya!