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    Codex Victoria 2×


    1- Activate gold club as early as possible, get troops and start raiding as early as possible even if you play as def. Activate troop evasion not to loose your troops untill they reach descent numbers, and start working on the farm list. You have to balance simming and troop training for raiding. Don't just upgrade buildings fields only.

    2- If you are raided and have a lot of resources, let us say you were accumulating to build something expensive or settlers, use NPC to train more troops or a settler if possible ( preferably just before the attack lands). even if you don't buy gold, the game gives you some for free, use it wisely. Usually troops and buildings consume different amounts of each resource so even if you upgrade and train you will still have some extra above cranny level, this NPC ensures raider doesn't get anything and you train more troops. Win win.

    3- If you are Roman, while Plus is active, you can instantly finish:

    Upgrading three things (2 resources tiles and 1 building or vice versa),

    2 researches in Smithy

    Demolishing a building

    And all costs only 2 gold.

    Non Roman almost the same, but 2 buildings/resource fields instead of 3.

    If you don't have a lot of gold this is very helpful, especially at high levels fields and long smithy researches.

    4- marketplace is very important especially if you have more than 1 village. First 5 levels very cheap and give a lot of Culture points, and the market allows you to send resources between villages if you see a raid coming your way. It is very important to prevent the raider from taking resources. Someone said if resources are in market offer during a raid, they remain hidden. This is not true. They don't get stolen if the traders are on the way, but as long as they are in the village, you lose them.

    5- If a player raided several times and always taking nothing, they might stop. If they don't stop, you could send a polite message telling them that you are active and better to raid someone else instead of wasting time on you, most probably they remove your village from farm list. If they don't stop, you start making them lose resources by keeping few def troops and not letting them take any resources at the same time. This will make them stop. Most of your troops should be raiding at the start of the game. You shouldn't allow raider to kill your weak off troops for easy hero experience. Keep them busy.

    6- Culture points are very important all game long.

    At start, get the cheap buildings that give the most CP to level 5, like market, academy, embassy (cheap 27 CP per day)

    Later you push them to 10, and get the town hall to start parties. In every support village do that even put treasury level 1 if you can't afford upgrading it more, In every village. Later on you upgrade these buildings to 15 and then to 20 as you go on. Treasury very expensive beyond level 10 but level 1 gives 7 CP per day (level 5 gives 15 CP, and level 10 gives 37 CP).

    Finally don't neglect the trade office, very important later on in the game and gives a lot of CP too.

    I should end with try non-stop parties even from level 1 town hall.

    7- Not applicable in Codex Victoria, but in other servers, if u get raided very beginning of game, and no other way to use or save resources, send them through market to closest inactive village, time it so that your troops arrive just after the resources and bring them back. This way you evade the raid and don't lose the resources. Of course if there are friendly players near by that you already communicated with, or you already joined an alliance you could have more options. Communication with your neighbors is usually not a bad idea.

    8- get duals, players from different time zones on the same account. This ensures the maximum activity and pays off well.

    I hope these tips help in a way or another.:):):)

    I quite like it when someone bites the bait. Even if it's pretty obvious.

    The only one biting the bait is the one playing like a noob not like a pro. Show me one pro building multiple crannies. One cranny is more than enough if you are active (I think the thread title was Play like a Pro not like a noob)

    Anyway, this is my opinion and each player has his own style of play and there is nothing wrong in having differences.

    Medusa from

    Don't listen to the advice of anyone who isn't experienced enough to know the REAL reasons for building crannies during beginners protection. The real reasons being they produce the cheapest culture points and will therefore mean you settle your second village much faster and get a better choice of location.

    What experience??? Cranny level 10 gives 6 CP only. Embassy level 1 gives 5. get embassy and academy as soon as possible. Forget about crannies for CP.