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    I'm looking for a dual for an offensive teuton account. Gold will be used. Good english is mandatory. Anyone living in Indian/South American/North American/Australian timezones is preferred.

    Message me on discord if interested: djdalgis#3998

    Hello guys,

    I'm searching for a second dual for an offensive top15 teuton account in 10x Europe. We're using gold. South American/American/Indian/Austrialian time zones work well. The account will need coverage from 5am GMT to 1pm GMT.

    Proper english is mandatory.

    Text me on discord if interested ! djdalgis#3998


    I'm looking for a dual to play for an offensive teuton account in 10x Europe.

    Gold will be used.

    I live in GMT+3 timezone so I'll need someone from the US or South America or Australia that speaks proper english.

    Text me on discord - djdalgis#3998

    Hey guys,

    As you all know another 10x is right around the corner and me and a bunch of other members of the alliance ToS who finished top3 in America last 10x are looking to avenge on the mistakes made playing the first 10x after nearly an 8 year lay-off and find some new hungry and active players to play with in Europe this time.

    Feel free to direct message me here or on discord (ohjohnie#3998) if you're interested! Gettertools usage is mandatory.


    ahh, unfortunate.

    me and a couple of top guys from ToS are trying to run it back again but this time pull out a W in Europe since this last 10x was our first server in like 8 years haha.

    best of luck in the US and hope you guys crush it this time!