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    the 2nd point would cause big unbalance

    it's already bad if one side is strong enough to have a lot of plans.. it would not be nice to give them an extra prize based on that.
    So I would remove completely this point OR at worst I would say do the opposite : any plan past the first 2 would cause delays in building ( if one side is overwhelming strong, give them an handicap, not a bonus )

    About the first point ( ww location ) , why not simply go back to how the WWs used to be once upon a time, at that point ?

    Any account could promote one of their villages, wherever it was, to WW village

    It actually makes sense to provide the build bonus for more plans. This would encourage more aggressiveness in taking plans from players after spawn, allow trailing WW's a chance to boost build speed to catch back up and make it more of a race, AND on servers with low activity and low player numbers that boost would help put everyone out of their misery faster. Com 3 right now being a good example of this. TK confed has demolished most of the resistance in the server and now most people are just waiting for the end to come. And waiting.....and waiting.... and waiting ..... as the WW builds as quickly as possible, which would be a lot faster with plan speed boosts.

    I should note this would also make plans more valuable and not just a random arti useful so people can TR to a village.

    So plans dropped on Com 3 13 hrs ago. The Three Kingdoms (TK) Confed took 12 of the 13 WW plans (As I understand it, mostly because we screwed up on one and had to resend to try to take it and were too late). Tavern WW will have a hard time getting to lv 100 with only one set of plans.

    used alot of diffrent nick names for diffrent games. Then one day I was making a new Character for LOTR online and was trying to figure out a new character name. decided on a name that combined "add" and the past tense fro wrath, "wroth". Used it ever since


    -If you are playing Off Roman, go with Imp sword. The Cav swords give bigger attack bonus per troop but you will have many fewer cav units than you will imps so the greatest attack power for your hammer will com from the imp weapons.

    -If you are using a ghost hammer then go for the cav sword (or simply own both the cav sword of choice and the imp sword when able)

    -If playing defensive Roman go with Praet sword


    Matte of personal preference but here are pros and cons:

    -Regen armor: means you need less points in FS as your hero will heal faster at total of 30% per day when wearing this armor

    -Light Segmented: take 3 hp less damage and get +125 FS helps with adventures and attacking early on wit hthe health protection and attack boost

    -Light Scale: take 4 hp less damage and +10% heal for total of 20% healed per day. helps with survive-ability

    -Light breastplate: +250 FS more FS helps take less damage on adventures

    Helmets & boots:

    -whatever you can get t start with. they are all useful

    as stated above, don't wait 3 days for hero to heal up. kill him and revive (will need a place with hero mansion I believe?). heros is fairly cheap and quick to revive at the lower levels(below lv 20, after that it take around 24hrs to revive I believe).

    correct. It is part of the Tribal bonus that makes them different than the others. Each Tribe has traits, buildings, and bonuses that allows them to be competitive and provide their own unique tactical and/or strategic play styles versus the other tribes. Tuets and Gauls make up for it with cheaper troops and faster build times for troops.

    As a roman you can have 1 field and 1 building being created simultaneously. Thye will both show countdown timers and do not wait on each other at all. They can both be built at the same time if Roman. Other tribes can only build one item at a time. With PLUS activated you can put one additional item (field or building) on the build list but it is in a waiting line (que). The countdown time you see listed for the qued item is the time it takes for the thing in front of it (field if qued is field, building if qued is a building for Romans) to finish building + it's own build time. Hope that helps! the Qued item is just waiting its turn to start building and it is showing you the total wait time until it is done building.

    problem might be in how it relates to cata attacks. is the "random" target selected by the program at launch? If so what happens to the cata attack if the building is moved while catas en route? What if a specific building is targeted and is moved while in transit or is being insta built/demo'ed at the time of landing?