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    Pre-Server Analysis


    The last server, there was REVS in SW but their career didn’t last long due to the fact they disbanded after arties and some players went to TEN or GOW. Owing to this, the server was left with 3 allies such as GOW GUNNERS and TEN. This com2, it has been rumored that CWL will go there who are known for many server wins. Time will see how much better will they be than REVs.

    NW: GOW and VICES

    Last server, the biggest ally in NW was GOW. They were mostly alone but this time this will not be the case. It has been confirmed by a VICES leader that his team will go NW. Vices are highly known and acknowledged meta. It will be really fun to see how the two allies will deal with this situation and in the event of war who will win NW.


    Last server, the biggest ally in NE was Gunners. They are rumored to return to NE once again. There is no any other meta confirmed to go NE. Will they be lucky enough to be in NE alone or someone will come for them? This will be just one of the storylines to watch regarding NE.

    SE: TEN

    Last server, the biggest ally in SE was TEN. It has been rumored that they go there once again with a much better premade team than last time. While they might not be alone there again. TEN is known for having fierce battles with VICES so it will be extremely interesting to see whether they will fight again or the distance between the quads will prevent that for a long time.

    Other confirmed metas:

    I mentioned 5 confirmed metas joining the server but these are not all. There have been another 3 allies confirmed namely the Finnish guys named AFK’s people (They haven’t chosen a name yet), the swedes who are lead by Loffe and 2.01 who just won com6. None of these premades confirmed where they will spawn. So far SW SE and NE all have one confirmed ally. It might be that all quads will have a quad war or someone gets lucky and will be alone while the other quad had 3 allies.

    This server is definitely going to be competitive and fierce. While the last com2 was already a blast, it will be fun to see whether this server lives up to expectation or will be just a disappointment.