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    I made mistake, I used wrong word, so meaning was different ... I updated thread text from "after clicking bid" to "before clicking bid"

    I can have many opened bids, but I have to go throught every bid to see how much I offered (and after time I do not remember it)

    let's say I have 5000 silvers

    I bid 4000 silver for one item

    after time, I do not remember how much I bid or I want to change IT, but I do not know my highest bid

    "before clicking bid" there should be information about my max bid

    "This feature is available with the Travian Plus"

    I have many UI and UX recommendations, but I think travian owners will never implement them, because they do not care about "ease of play" .. owners just want money

    every year they are adding something new/better, but you have to pay for that

    no improvments for better playing

    ok .. my fault .. now I see in manual:

    surrouding reports - " ... They will provide you with useful information about your immediate surroundings, like when an oasis has been raided, a village has been founded or when a fight with losses has taken place in a nearby village ..."

    I thought that every attack is included

    so it's not bug

    I saw that problem many times ... I spied someone, I attacked and "resurces" werelost, buildings lowered, troops died

    I think there is some bug in surrounding and it's not showing all attacks/reports

    in my attachments you can see, that someone lowered buildings (granary and warehouse), but there is no report in surrounding

    I do not think, that player just destroyed warehouse and granary in his village (he is playing it, has many villages)

    I do not think, that he has same production for every resource (crop should be a bit smaller, because there are 3 troops)

    in enemy village I can see only last 5 reports

    it takes lot of time to go through all reports and find another

    can you show at least 10 last reports ? or make another game setting how much reports to show per village ?

    or add link "show all reports for this village" ? (if yes, filter for attacks/raids/scouting will be useful)

    I spy many natar villages and see how many resources they have

    I raid that villages

    I get only fraction of that resources

    In surroundings I do not see attacks to those villages

    it look's like resources "dissapear" ..

    1) are natar resources used for building buildings ?

    2) are natar resources used for building resource fields ?

    3) are natar resources used for trainging troops ?

    4) when are resrouces subtracted from natar village ? (is it at random time or in time of attack ?)

    5) how often are resources used for "something" in natar villages ? (for example every 4 hours for building buildings ... or it's 5 times a day at random time .. etc)

    6) how often are troops added into natar villages ?


    10x speed server…om/Player/481-Tutankhamun

    first day, he settled 8 new villages

    how is it possible ?

    I think he can earn culture points by making buildings (he need MANY buildings with L10+)

    but how he get so many resources ?? (need to make residence L10 and 3 settlers in every village)

    as I know, first days trading is limited with ratio 1:1

    as I know, first days you can not raid players, oases ...

    for L10 residence you need 60k resources

    I am counting that he had many golds, + 25% production

    but it's still not enough

    so how does he did that ??

    what am I missing ?