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    Info about this HOF:

    - Only artefacts Natars defenses from 4.6 servers are taken into account.

    How is the defense strength calculated?

    - For each unit, we take the average anti-infantry and anti-cavalry stats.

    - Example: Unit X has 100 anti-infantry points and 50 anti-cavalry points, the average will be 75 points.

    Unit Anti-Infantry Anti-Cavalry Average defense strength
    Pikeman 35 50 42,5
    Thorned Warrior 30 10 20
    Guardsman 90 75 82,5
    Birds Of Prey 10 0 5
    Axerider 80 50 65
    Natarian Knight 140 80 110
    Warelephant 120 150 135
    Ballista 45 10 27,5
    Natarian Emperor 50 50 50
    Settler 40 40 40

    What if the total defense strength is a decimal number?

    - It will be rounded up to the nearest whole number.


    This a new type of HOF.
    If you think something can be improved, please let us know here or our Official Discord server!

    Thank you!


    Strongest Natars defenses - Artefacts

    More info about this HOF here.

    Rules & Info about this HOF:

    When does the launching time clock begin?

    - At the start of the server.

    Can the launching time clock begin when I create my account?

    - No.

    Do my settlers have to settle a second village to get my score validated?

    - Yes

    How can I have my score registered in this Hall of Fame?

    - Join the Community on Travian: Legends official Discord and use the dedicated channel #second-village-hof to share your performances!

    What is the time format?

    00:00:00 = hours:minutes:seconds

    Example: 99:55:21 = 99h55m21s


    It's not an easy task to check manually the fastest launching times for each server so don't hesitate to tell us if you see a mistake somewhere. We will correct it.

    Thank you!


    Fastest launching times for the second village

    Rules & Info about this HOF here.