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    These are some great ideas and very simply to implement.

    I like bringing back the emassy rule and add more rules for it. Actually the whole alliance thing need to be improve and be more benifitable.

    Also, I think showing the hero gear no the front page of home village is important. And it will be more usefull if they add any notification to the troops building when the training helmet is active.

    That is kind of you, thank you. Embassy is desperately in need of help I agree.

    Travian Legends: Here are some ideas for adjustments to Travian interface or approach.

    Resource Overview:

    -Near Hero's face have an auction timer to show when your next bid is ending.

    -Instead of XP/HP bar list the actual number of XP countdown needed and HP left.

    -Underneath the resources show the clock until full underneath each resource, on CPU you can hover but this is not as easy on a phone. *Edit* this is viewable by holding your finger down instead of tapping as as many viewable items in the phone version.

    -I know each village shows the red swords:rep04: during an attack but if using the mobile phone version the villages are not visable so make a dot at the top the pulsates red when an attack is incoming at any village so you look.

    Buildings Overview:

    -Allow for drag, drop, and save where your buildings are placed to organize your village how you like. There are many OCD out there that will appreciate this.


    -In overviews on the left where the 3 green buttons are for the embassy allow for the Alliance Forum button to turn red when there is a new post in the forum that is unread. In addition allow for the Alliance Page button to turn from :rep05:Green to :rep06:Yellow/Red:rep07: when a ANY member is that color.

    -Embassy Bonus Donations show a complete list of the alliance and how much that player has donated that week and/or total this way an alliance can focus on donations together and equally if demanded.

    -Consider bringing back the Embassy levels equals number of players allowed in the alliance but maybe raise the number of allowed players (100?) and have each level grant more players. Other than CP and Population the embassy does next to nothing anymore.

    -Another Embassy consideration would be to allow the embassy to have an effect on conquer % of chief(tains)/senators as it relates to their place in the game more so anyway.

    Villages List on Right:

    -Allow for :rep05:Green/Red:rep07: dot next to each village that indicates if the crop of each village is positive or negative.

    Building/Resource Opened:

    -In description dropdown or separate button on a building/resource show the list of all the levels and cost for each level of said building/resource.

    Map Overview:

    -On CPU allow for hovering over to show NATURE :elephant: animals and count at an oasis.

    Statistic Overview:

    Show rankings for Attacker/Climber/Defender/Robber for all players (or maybe top 100) instead of just the top 10.

    Daily Quests Overview:

    - Have a tally of the number of points achieved that day or at the very least a hover over version that shows the same.

    - Possibly consider allowing for the Daily Quest points to be stored and spent when you like with each purchasable Quest item with a points cost to purchase. This would allow non-Gold users to focus on Plus and % bonuses but overall I believe all items would be of value to buy at a points cost.

    Rally Point:

    -Allow for hero :hero2: to be added to farm list

    -Add an all raid button for all farm lists or at least at the top of each drop down list so you don't even have to open them. (Note: This is to be added in new update)

    -Radical idea would be to allow the Rally point to build up to level 100 and this would make fakes a more costly endeavor. In doing this you may want to make the steps to increase the level smaller at lower levels but still increase gradually but in small increments.

    Other ideas I have not finalized my thoughts on:

    -Travian Fandom has more answer than the information button. It needs much more polishing so that players don't need to use forums, search engines, or Fandom away from the Travian Browser.

    -Finally, it would be amazing to find a way to integrate what Getter Tools provides without having to leave the Travian Browser. This would likely take a great deal of effort and integration. This would likely be done via the embassy alliance options.

    Hope these make it to the right set of eyes or are found Intriguingly useful enough to see their way into the game. I have helped playtest miniature wargames, board games, as well as D&D 3e so I enjoy such things.

    Maybe BlackBlade and ThomasGB will kick them around with some folks.



    Don't build your Smithy higher than level 3 in any willage for a very long time. The cost effetive output requires many infantry/cavalry/scouts to be a valuable resource option. see link

    Upgrade Vs Training more troops

    Once your first village, or few villages, are running you can quickly boost to more villages by sticking to this plan: All of the following to Level 10- Main building, Warehouse, Granary, Academy (barracks required levels only), Residence, Marketplace, Cranny, and Townhall level 1. Now you have enought to build and settle another village, ship to build it faster, Cranny to keep resource safe, and Parties out of every village.

    Using Merchant Trade Routes (Gold Club) you will never go over you cranny limit.