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    I played Travian for 2 years and I'll share some of experiences and game insights. As of now, I'm playing as Egyptian in a x10 server (much faster , i dont have time for a slow game, and i'm curious with the new 2 factions).

    For Teutons (this is my first race btw). In the span of beginner's protection, prioritize maximizing your resources, building time especially crannies (this will protect your from incoming raids), and rush your barracks if possible (clubswingers are really cheap, just spam it as much as you can). When you build enough army, try raiding inactive players (these players usually don't excel in population so you will notice them inactive) and this is underrated, ALWAYS CHECK YOUR SURROUNDING REPORTS.

    For Gauls and Egyptians (really good for beginners and late comers). Same concept, but prioritize building the walls and lots of crannies. For Gauls, just play the passive type, build traps and 4 crannies as possible (that would cater 12k resources). Build phalanx when the economy is getting good. For Egyptians, Ash Wardens are the most pretty solid defense.

    For Romans, abuse your building time. Prioritize your wall and crannies and resource upgrades, and don't rush barracks (very hard since the soldiers are expensive, by the time your protection ended, you would be much vulnerable).

    I don't have Huns guide btw, but I think this race is not good for beginners. No real defense and you can only rely on offense and most of the time cavalries. If you have good friends on the game, you might give this is a shot since Huns need to be babysitted in the early stages.

    GENERAL guide for me is to just build 4 - 6 CRANNIES, WALLS, and RESOURCE UPGRADES guys... Never never rush building soldiers unless otherwise, you have time to move them when encountering RAIDS. It is better to build tons of soldiers rather than piece by piece. Know your priorities FIRST. And join an ALLIANCE if you can. :) Thats it! Have fun reader...