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    Remember when your IST friends challenged everyone to come to their quad and fight them at the beginning of this server?

    How comes it's suddenly unfair if some alliances react on this challenge?

    I mean isn't it unfair if they all come at the same region, make NAPs and attack the same alliance over and over, day after day. No sleep, fatigue... They can come one at a time and we will show who is better next server. Just not 4 vs 1 :)

    I don't claim we are the best players, or the most gold spending players but we are better than most and it's been proven many times. See you in Anglo?

    Congrats to Istanbul and M.L.

    As it is said above, Istanbul fought at 4 fronts: Cows, LTU, RoTeam and NewOrder mid game WITHIN and OUTSIDE of the grey area. No alliance would survive that. I said it was unfair mid-game, I'm saying it now. However, whilst these 4 were struggling to destroy Istanbul they forgot about M.L. So in the end, Istanbul served for the bigger and the more important goal, saving M.L. for WW by keeping you all busy. Next time, act more intelligent and don't cry if you force an alliance to make confed with others, and that meta beats you.

    Don't cry now that you lost. Your meta was bigger than M.L. & Istanbul and if you were tad bit more strategically clever you could have won. Accept it, and prepare for next server.

    Cows and RoTeam attacked ILS at the same time. Saying ML used RoTeam to attack ILS is same thing as ML used Cows to attack ILS which is a big joke. It was their decision to attacks ILS with most of what they got. If you' re in discord chat you will see that it was even admitted that Cows worked together with RoTeam. I did not count LTU in Cow meta since they did not make organised ops with any known meta except RoTeam mid-game.

    For the architect trade, as I said it and it was explained above by Smelly Cat; it is most likely a strategic decision. Cows have taken many artefacts throughout the server from their "friends" without any trade.

    Cows + L-T-U + NewOrder + RoTeam attacks (Not cooperated but still the same target) during mid-game lead Turks to ally with ML. I doubt any alliance would stand a chance against these 4 alliances combined mid-game. If anything, Istanbul gave a fight against these alliances in 4 fronts and did not cry when it was known that LTU and RoTeam was also using techs.

    I'm currently part of Istanbul meta and we have never received any MMs regarding not attacking ILS or any confeds. So, I'll leave it up to you :)

    That's why my analysis is objective and yours is not. Travian is a game where player count does not mean anything unless they are proper active. Look at most of the alliances I counted in Arap&Turkish meta, you will see that most of them are inactive alliances with either dropping population or stable. I only included them so that Cows will have nothing to say even with all of the inactive alliances combined. That's why I included the total population, off points and def points. Cows had advantage in all aspects. If you are unable to understand this simple concept of statistics, you should not make comments about metas.

    Nice Analysis but you started with the word biased n in the end you are doing the same thing :wall:

    So did mh gave 3x to ml ? or was it ILS ? if you are adding all other meta in Cows due to arti sharing , coordinated attacks will you please explain why you're not counting ILS n ML together :popcorn:

    ILS and ML did not share def, coordinate attacks like Cow meta or Arab&Turkish meta. One can only assume, it was probably a strategic decision to give ML the architect, in return for not getting any attacks from them to their WW. Although; funny thing is even if you include ILS to Arab&Turkish meta, Cows still have the numbers for Off points, Population and WWK numbers. That's how huge the Cow meta was.

    Statistical Analysis from an Objective Point of View

    I've seen the biased statistics shown here to make Cows seem like the underdogs. Crying because of player counts and tech accounts and making metas and taking artefacts from so called "friends" behind doors. On top of that, including RoTeam in their meta which was also known for using tech accounts. So here's my end game statistics gathered on 2nd of June 13:00:


    I'd like to start by introducing the metas, and alliances included. For convenience, I have counted the alliances in top100.

    The Cow Meta: GTC + GTB + GTG + LoL + VR + StayHome + BK + RoTeam + RoTeam2 + AoM

    The Arap & Turk Meta: M.L-Farm + M.T ES + M.L. PLC + M.L. VIP + ML- E.S + ML PLC1 + ML farm + ML PWR + IST-BULI + ML PWR2 + Istanbul + Ist@nbul + ISTNBLUE + Istanbl3 + IST™ + ISTNBLL + IST-INT + istASbul + IST3NBUL + -IST2- + IST 2™ + 1STANBUL

    ILS: ILS1 + ILS2 + ILS3 + ILS4 + ~ILSdef~

    NewOrder: NewOrder

    *As I was preparing this post, Cows hit ML WW with TLL support so add them to the equation as well.

    Player Count Statistics

    The Cow Meta: 486

    The Arap & Turk Meta: 581

    ILS: 191

    NewOrder: 46

    Population Statistics

    The Cow Meta: 5608146 (~5.6m)

    The Arab & Turk Meta: 3040322 (~3m)

    ILS: 2120861 (~2m)

    NewOrder: 701581 (~0.7m)

    Off Points Statistics

    The Cow Meta: 58095411 (~58.1m)

    The Arap & Turk Meta: 25067035 (~25.1m)

    ILS: 18274429 (~18.3m)

    NewOrder: 9614743 (~9.6m)

    Def Points Statistics

    The Cow Meta: 45966777 (~46m)

    The Arap & Turk Meta: 26700356 (~26.7m)

    ILS: 36162901 (~36.2m)

    NewOrder: 7701494 (~7.7m)

    WWK & BP Steal/Attempt Statistics

    *These numbers are taken from Discord server. There may be missing WWK's that were not shared in the server.

    The Cow Meta: 26 WWKs (13 vs ILS, 13 vs ML) & 16 Armies for GA (Great Architect) Steal Attempt (Unsuccessful by Cows + LoL vs ILS) & 5k Phalanx for BP Steal Attempt (Successful by Cows vs ML) :P

    The Arap & Turk Meta: 19 WWKs (All by M.L. vs Cows) & 8 Armies for BP Steal Attempt (Unsuccessful by Istanbul vs Cows)

    ILS: 2 WWKs vs Cows

    NewOrder: 0 WWKs & 7 Armies for GA Steal Attempt (Unsuccessful by NewOrder vs ILS)

    Current WW Levels

    The Cow Meta: 33

    The Arap & Turk Meta: 35

    ILS: 1

    New Order: 14


    As of now, it seems like there aren't any WWKs left that could take levels from 2 big metas. Cows have cried and manipulated the server to unite against the Arap & Turk meta. Their reasoning was that it was a huge meta and they have been using tech accounts. As it can be seen from above, statistics wise Cows have doubled the Arap&Turkish meta in almost every aspect. They had more WWK's, more def, more armies and more active players. With the addition of RoTeam to their meta they finally proved their last argument wrong which was tech accounts. They also claimed Arabs saved their armies -which is true- and that was unfair. However, there were no proper attacks against Cows during mid-game. If they were clever, they would do the same thing Arabs did. Their last mistake was panic attacking ILS WW with most of they got, leaving almost no armies for the Arab&Turk WW. Cows made Arab&Turk meta underdogs by allying with half of the server. But, in the end it seems like the underdogs will win after all.

    P.S: Apology to DN for assuming they were part of Cow meta mid-game.