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    your name sounds familiar. Didnt you write some super long tutorial for playing Teutons back in the day? :D

    Nope haha....I hope not........My name must sound fa-miler though ....Name is always twiggy.....Apart from once "Grim"....but years ago....i play on com1 atm under rid of duels....never having again......Got bullied out the first time....without having one into one lol.....I make a scene sometimes :)

    Comon man :D Limit on duals?

    I get that people can be anti-tech, but this is really taking it a few steps too far.

    so people can't bully people out of there own account? or should it be a blind eye still? If you know them your own risk still lol.....but it <<<happens

    Here goes nothin' I guess. I expect the game to be completely different in so many ways.

    Nailzz Out

    game looks good.

    Alliance now have bonus to put resources into.

    Daily quest....get rewards..

    Not sure what else would be different (wave builder) Better looking vills on maps ;) :P

    I dislike Dueling.

    Reason......I was A small player no gold. Bought my first big gold (250) .

    I was young and It was from JSA, but I wanted to play.....Bare in mind I was not in the right mind at the time.

    The meta, who I will Be respect and not name, said my growth was not good and I can duel or be kicked.

    I duelt....bought more gold (obvious I did not want to duel) and I had a disagreement.

    I left the account and messaged multi....(I felt like it was a scam more than anything)

    Went to hospital for a month.......for the 2nd time, probs teh drugs form the first time in intensive care came back to haunt me as well as misfortune-on an MMO game ....was through skype....(not happy now about it, but I am very well minded).

    MY summary if you got through the Partial real life story .

    Dueling I reckon maxed at 3......Rules best to know who.....and be aware even if the person looks real on other chats out of Trav.

    On the subject of skype......Be cool if there was an alliance chat instead on Trav.....perhaps Adding Only aviator photos after trilling?

    I would not get a bot from anywhere.....

    Slow commuter etc :P common sense.

    But should travian have one for a capital or something on say fields for 20 gold (or something) _ Each tile. My idea being Lighter on the pocket not to NPC every day X10.

    And it would still benefit Trav (id hope) and maybe Get other people to keep playing etc.