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    Exactly. Play smart, not hard.

    Who needs to raid when you can trade route from techs?

    Who needs to build off for arties when you can get them for free?

    Who needs to waste time on training def when you can just go to the "enemy" and use theirs?

    Just remember to scream "zerg!" right after :S

    and after that don't forget to write in your profile brain>>>> techs, plants, etc

    @ Maria How are Ten’s players Gunners fault ?
    Isn’t it the job of tens leaders to recruit players properly ?

    This what happens when ten leader recruit any player, there is bound to be some problem.

    Ofc I can’t say for sure or confirm or deny if there are any plants in ten maybe there is maybe there isn’t. But what I do know is when you offer every who wants to join golden tickets that not everyone will be a winner. Can also be that inexperience brings about these kind of mistakes.

    TEN recruiting every playr ?!? funny to hear this from a meta like Gunners who didn't said NO to someone who wanted to join them, 200 players......

    i don't see any problem with 4 meta war against 3,

    if Ikea and Duat merge its ok, and not make you the strongest team, why to hide and deny it ??

    4 of the 5 top alliances belong to the same zerg, i find it unfair, and maybe will do a thread about it.

    in the bible there is a war, "The war of the four kings and the five" 4 strong kings fought against 5 weak once, i don't find it unfair there were 5 against 4.

    also, its completly different, no one has merge, its Nordics problem for being too good !! the Nordics should blam themselves only

    maybe they should have keep the merge hiden until day 200 ;)


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    Perhaps you should talk to your leader who asked you to put arte cata point villages in our quad. You know you are waging war on SE meta when you put mulitple cata points there.(yes IKEA put villages therre as well and will be dealt with later :) ) we have heard from some of your players how dissappointed they are with verdie and co's decision making abilities. so why are you crying now when we took the chance to def your hammers. This is not even about zerging XD.

    DND have also settled cata villages in your quad

    Gunners only problem was to op Gow, and 3 days later to cancel the NAP with DND, so they opened 2 fronts. without Gunners attacking Gow, it could have look way different.

    about Ten, i think its simple, they help DND cause they want to merge with them later on. no talking about "Gunners settled in our quad" i didn't see any defending Goats against Ikea, and probebly will not see

    we are not zergering , we all just want Nordics arti, proof is we don't attack GUNNERS since you have nothing to give..

    i will end the message with the typical Nordics/GUNNERS say, "STOP CRYING IN THE FORUM"

    That might be fun. Not gonna lead after this so more time to build even more crazy accounts :3

    you still have time this server, we both know after you confd with Duat, their leadership (loffe) will take care of the business

    I don't wanna hear anyone say after this has ended "you are just saying so now because you were bad at playing this game so you decided not to play for win". Rather I can say I told you so. It's not away from us, but from you, but you decide what you believe :D

    I'm a huge fan of long and detailed end speeches and I can promise you a juicy one!

    We are not looking for a win. We are here just to have fun. You may come at us and slow us down on our mission, but as long as we keep fighting with someone, slowing the participants of the ww race down and bringing in some Spice as promised, we have succeeded. Someone will always suffer and someone else benefits, either you decide who is who, or we will.

    i don'y think anyone is buying it anymore, you just make excuses in case you will lose, you will just say you told us you are not here for end game.

    but don't worry, you are only 3 days with Duat, soon enough their high confident will catch you. :D

    IKEA/DUAT are the only ones who are impressing so far. Just take a look at the map, stats and precision of their operations. No other Meta comes even near them so far.

    i say, let's wait and see who will wn.

    for these who know the game "turtle race" (its a box game) the leading turtle at the beginning never win, and he fall behind(happened to gunners already) and the winner is who kept on low profile and push at the end

    same for the game Catan, when you are leading no one do exchange with you, lot's of time the leading guy stay alone, and someone surprise.

    leading by far in early level of the game mostly work against you, especially when you have 6-7 participates in the game.

    you have to be very very strong in order to lead since the beginning and keep with it until the end

    will be interesting for sure :D

    I wouldn’t say lack of cata points, just unlucky with spawns, Dnd had the ua next to them and everyone knew it was a no brainer on discord they’d pick it up. Gunners had it very tough. more cata points then Dnd too I should add, certainly wasn’t through lack of effort, we quickly went from server favourites to server underdogs in a blink. I doubt Saravan will concede any of these valid points, he is too busy trying to tarnish thing’s with his mud brush. At least his memes were creative.

    Looks like a lot of attention is off Ten atm. They’ve just recruited almost 200 players and they seem all but ignored, those barter king’s even traded up for a UA and have arguably one of, if not the strongest endgame artefact of the game!

    the lack of luck is you got UF while TEN got UA, you both got unique, what's kind is pure luck, maybe savaran think its not and depend on simming (?)

    start to train a hammer at day 30 its something lot's of players do, also in NE quad people started at this day approx.

    "Duat aggrosettled a lot of Gow capitals" the number is 3.

    they pushed 3 early hammers, not a big deal for meta with 100 techs.

    simming until day 60 while the other meta(DND) also sim, yes, its not a big advantage, i think in a look for the past gunners done a mistake by simming and not fighting DND at the beginning.

    simming alone - advantage, simming while your enemy also sim - can't call its an advantage.

    again, making it look like something happened in SW, can you tell me what have you done please ?

    Amazing how you can be this delusional. The original point being that Batman came in flailing tears about lost artis as a result of unlucky spawns rather than commiting more cata points was somehow lost to you. To this I added that they also are a four wing alliance + techs that has not had to waste resources to fights until very close to arti release, unlike every other quads which have had conflicts since server start - and despite this made such poor arti results. Comparatively DND, which have two wings, have also had a lot more success in artis which just basically proves my point. Somehow you managed to read this and completely derail it into Duat/IKEA simming. But yes, you aren't salty buddy.

    I also said Gow simmed, nothing to do with Duat/Ikea. that's you take it hard shows its real, and hurt you, (no idea why)

    there was a combination of bad luck and lack in catas points for GUNNERS.

    to the point of simming, i said simming until day 80 don't make it easier on arti day, and presenting it like "they simmed so they had the advantage over the other alliances" its untrue, since everyone simmed. and even if you say not everyone, DND simmed to all opinions. and they are together in the quad.

    i don't think DND did much better, i will call it a draw. doing better than exceptions doesn't mean they did better than others.

    Ýeah you are because only someone as salty as you can seriously compare NW/SW to NE in the days leading up to the Gunners/DND peace being broken. I write this out to be clear that I'm only talking about this period and nothing else. Every quad simmed to the best of their abilities but if you play in a quad for the majority of server days pre-arti - where you have literally no conflict and no reason to assume it either - you are in a much better position to take them. It's pretty simple logic really I have no idea how you can't wrap your head around this. Well I do know why but still.

    about the simming, you forget there were 2 metas who simmed, DND and GUNNERS, so even if going according to your logic that simming until day 80 helps to good execution on arti day, DND also simmed and should have an amazing set up for arti,

    for example, 2 weak kids fighting for an item, and 2 strong kids fighting for an item. is the strong kid have more advantage than the weak kid ??

    another no brainer? i thought it was only batman, well maybe you just dont know the game but let me explain you, as soon as you dont have an agreement you need to have deff ready to work as soon as enemy decides to attack, sure dnd and gunners had to do some deff in case NAP was broken sooner than expected but to say the other quads simmed the same is just stupid

    Also by your logic TEN and 2.01 also just simmed, they just attacked spawns and used 2/3 days hammers on each other

    first, saying batman is no brainer, but copying him by anonymous name, and give him a lot of attention by opening a new account for him.....

    now for the subject, i have been told GUNNNERS will be prepared for early op from Gow or any other side, means they prepared enough def for day 50-60. just like any other meta.

    for SE, the different is 2.01 and Ten settled next to each other in the middle, they both had massive amount of players in the middle. unlike SW and NW who IKEA and Duat took the middle, while Gow and GOATS took the boonies, my perspective is boonies and center its far away and like having fights between 2 different quads. (check the travel times)