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    Like said already, even tho we played together we were in many ways two different groups. Us giving Credit to our players and telling the story from our perspective is not away from Duat. They were amazing and on many aspect better than us aswell and this would not have been possible without them. I've already learned that I can't write english that well and the tone & meaning might get twisted because of that. I hope and believe that after all Duat players know their value and our appreciation for them playing this round with us.

    Like I said, these kind of speeches come from our culture and would be nice to get some insight what was going on elsewhere aswell. Loffe has already promised to write from Duat's perspective when he has the time, so atleast we have that to look for :)

    well, its just we though you were 1 meta more than 2 different, for me IKEA and Duat are the same ;)

    Anyway, was nice to play against you, we witnessed high level on com servers in the first time

    Have a good day

    I would like to sum up the sum up

    IKEA take all the credit for the win( no mention of Duat) and hailing the leader AFK(which was really afk)

    Duat, Gow, GOATS, Ten sum ups are no where to be found.

    (its for you Lohalal. no more than 3)

    I will thank Dante for holding Gow together, still can't believe Anze didn't take that plan,

    And if Nordics didn't use bots, bravo for a great game playing, you did the famous say, start strong, disappear then end strong, and that's basically what you did this server.

    for the people in Europe, i wish you good health, and be strong during lockdowns, you need it!!!!!

    For the record i have not been active in leadership for the last 1.5 months.

    Second, let's talk at the end of the server ;)

    So admitting you were worse on every scale finally.
    First time during this server you seems even almost reasonable with ur writings :D
    You always lose due to inactivity and bad leadership but what drives you into that is a different thing.
    For what comes to what you can do and can't do is stupid to argue on due to you guys not doing anything impactful during the whole server, everyone can see it so there's no arguing about it. "Our goal is to smash gunners whatever it takes" and here we are with gunners going strong with 3 plans and 2 wonder's for the win against no opponent at all. Good job I guess :)

    I wasn't even doubting Raymon on his words and look where we are: Screenshot - 5e836d982e448b592dc026ace12adb8b - Gyazo

    Saying i admitted "we were worse on every scale" means you should read what i wrote again. and if you still don't get it- nothing i can help you about buddy

    You turn its all like i'm responsible for the lose.

    First: i didn't sign to be a leader when i opened with Gow, but i helped when i had time during lockdowns. and i did my best.

    Until day 120 we did alright, then some major players retired and there was no one who could keep running their accounts.

    You can say Zerg1 lost cause of low skills, bad planning, wrong decisions etc.

    But to my opinion the erosion of leaders and players caused it. so we arrived with no energy to the final stage.

    Dante did all he could and defiantly did more than he signed up to, same for Anze.

    To my opinion the thing which made us lose is the inactivity + Nordics ops which helped take down the energy.

    A wise friend once told me , Travian its all about activity, the more activity you are - the better account you will have.

    GUNNERS players didn't leave, or they left and others helped running their accounts, and Bravo to them for that. that's what made the different to my opinion.

    I agree its excepted from a meta to keep playing until the end and be active, sadly its didn't happen here. Nothing me or the people who left can do about.

    You say 'We' and then you also blame TEN separately when you didnt even try to do anything.

    When did i ever say vaccines ? we don't get plans its their fault. do i can blame them for not taking the plans - no

    Bro, you sound like Trump... The most amazing defense the world has ever seen.

    Who about a wing in Gunners banned...

    Bat man not used for compliments sharing.

    Long story short zerg leaders missed the big picture and couldn't see past our gun point.

    We didn't missed anything, the only thing which happened was us being sure Ten will get their plans from their own quad.

    MisterB_IL Duat secured NW & SW quads, but SE and NE were empty from Nordics.

    TEN which didn't even had Nordics ops on them had to do nothing except grab 2 plans from their own full control quad. I guess at the end they just had no energy for this game and preferred to make it over at day 200 instead of day 230-280. (can't blame them)

    taking those plans from SE its less Duat skill and more TEN(and us) give up.

    You said i'm not facing the reality, but what make you think GUNNERS have any chance, or super meta have chance to steal plans from Nordics?

    if we had no energy to take plans from full quad control by us, no sense we will have to steal them( which require much more energy.)

    and for winning the race for WW, i think super meta made it clear their WWK will target GUNNERS WW.

    Though I would not make it so obvious, the super meta should be called "The kings makers"

    First reveal who you are.

    About the vaccines, just come to Israel and get 1. i know its harsh times in Europe, no need to be bitter about it.

    we had 150 hammers, didn't use all of them in the op, that's what i meant, After losing the 15 hammers we had 150 left.

    For you BAT MAN

    Here i will write my conclusion of the server.

    Day 1 - 70


    GUNNERS and DND signed on NAP and split croppers, a dream beginning for both.


    Duat by unexcepted techs beginning took all the croppers in the middle( except 7) and forced Gow to settle in the boonies. there have been some spawn fights.


    GOATS and IKEA signed NAP saying middle croppers to IKEA and boonies to GOATS. ( it was more reality than NAP, IKEA forced GOATS to boonies)


    TEN and 2.01 had fun throwing hammers on each other spawns, Ten got most of the middle and boonies croppers.

    Day 70-100


    After getting blamed for being simmers and threats about combine ops against them, GUNNERS decided they need to do something and show the server they are "involved". Here start the falling of the strongest Meta. first with weird decision, GUNNERS opped Gow, 95% of the hummers went back alive, though not a big damage have been made. 3 days later with bad timing GUNNERS decided to break the NAP with DND, while the last got very offended by it and declared war on GUNNERS. (Levi first taking spawn hammer)

    15 days later Gow & DND combined forces for 1 op and hit GUNNERS, 10 top players got their fields level19 zeroed, with 95% success.

    TEN & 2.01 merged in the meantime.

    Goats and Ikea kept throwing small hammers on each other random caps, while both sides lost hammer, (silly train from IKEA)

    Duat simmed.

    Arty day:

    Duat and IKEA announced they are together which make them the strongest meta with the best arty( UT, UD, UE, UC and 2 SD.)

    GOATS, TEN, DND, Gow both got 1 ST and 1 SD which its enough to keep going.

    GUNNERS - got no diet, and 1 ST. harsh.

    After the "surprise" announcement of IKEA and Duat merging, and after their good accomplish on arty day, Ten & GOATS & Gow decided to "zerg" on Nordics and to start hitting them.

    First op: 20 caps were destroyed, 15 hammers destroyed, the zerg had 150 hammers.

    Have we already said GUNNERS have a great timing ? cause right after the first op GUNNERS decided to use a plant and steal a ST from DND & TEN. this act made Ten & DND & GOATS decided to change aim and go for GUNNERS instead of Nordics. Gow joined them.

    So now we have 4 metas opping GUNNERS for the next 40 days causing them big damage( 200 targets were destroyed) while losing most of the zerg off power.

    The big winners were Nordics which just simmed with their UT & UD.

    At day 150 Nordics started to op Gow & GOATS. Gow took most of the damage with losing 2 WWK, WWR, and 100 caps, while catching 8 hammers. for the record: there have been many inactive and most of those who stayed had no energy

    there have been perfect ops, op every 3 days, with all attacks landing on the same second (12:00:00)

    at day 160 there have been a big op against GUNNERS with a train on Floki WWK. Nordics decided to help defend GUNNERS and the zerg 1 lost most of his top hammers. after this op GUNNERS got a big break to recover from their wounds. (Zerg2 reveled ? )

    Day 200 - plans come out.

    Since Duat and Ikea took control of NW & SW middle, no one excepted Gow or GOATS to take any plans. on the other hand, people excepted from Ten who fully controlled their quad to get at least 2-3 plans. from DND people excepted to get 0-1 plans.

    No idea how or why, but Nordics took all the 3 plans from SE quad, which was nothing to do with their skills, we gifted them that.

    GUNNERS took 3 plans. and that's how the zerg1 ended up with 0.

    My opinion:

    This server was beyond anything normal, the amount of multi accounts, and bots were overwhelming.

    Alarms bots , Bots running techs. Bots sending perfect op timing, Bots sending merchants, and bots NPC on Diet villages its just small things of what happened here.

    I came here after com4, which was the last com clean server. were 70k clubs hammer was the biggest hammer at arty, were people didn't have 2m def.

    I hope Travian will handle it, my tip: no one can be that good without cheating.

    I highly doubt someone asked YOU to make one, but whatever

    You so proud of your zergers friends, so cute.

    And now to the subject,

    These reports and all you said just show us how poor GUNNERS offense team this server. there have not been a single success op out of you, and when you tried to go after WWK there have been massive splats.

    However Nordics managed to make such a big damage (did dozen of success ops) while faking 4 metas(DND, Ten, Gow, GOATS)

    and yet GUNNERS with just faking Ten & DND couldn't do 1/100 of what Nordics did. Shame for your offense team and offense planer.

    See, taking this approach is not making GUNNERS look any better than Gow.

    You welcome to join my approach and say its all bots, otherwise you just look bad.

    Happy to help, 1qaz :D

    You are saying that TG make, own and sell bots? Do you have any rational basis for this accusation, or any kind of evidence? Even any suggestion of how it makes any sense whatsoever would be a start??

    I must say, and I am saying this as a fully confirmed zerg member here, 'better, more active, more dedicated and more motivated to perform on the server' is looking like a much stronger argument than 'you cheat and TG help you cheat so no one can stop you'. If you have proof, present it (ideally to MH also), and if not then let's not present supposition as fact.

    If TG is making nothing about the bots, i can assume this is what happening.

    When you check the actions of the bots, and compare them with Duat actions its exactly the advantages they have. Bot is someone who making a humans actions. This is why you can always say it was a man doing so, and no one can confirm.

    I believe that with some efforts, Travian can catch this, But or they don't want to, and just keep running the same checking system, or they are the ones behind the bots.

    If you want links to the bots sites you will find out how EZ it is to use them, and their big advantages. Personality i find it pointless to use bots, the one thing which amazed me its how it is not pointless for others as well.

    Soon there will be a new feature which you can buy res with gold, Travian saw the Russian did a good money, and they will do the same.

    Reporting him won't help since Travian seems to not care about botting, but anyway, try your luck :D

    You are dwelling so deep in your own accusations of us using whatever illegal tools you come up with. Is it that difficult to man up and admit that a group of players are just better, more active, more dedicated and more motivated to perform on the server than anyone else? If you do not believe we play fair, there's a report button in each account's profile. Use that and discuss your suspicions with someone more educated on the subject instead of rambling here on in Discord with nothing to back up your made-up stories with. Or send some emails, as you probably have done already based on your own words in Discord. Hopefully you had very fruitful conversations with whoever was doomed to answer you.

    Ofc i attended to Travian enforcement team, tbh i didn't except something to happen, the bots belong to Travian and its just another way for them to make money. Sad all they care at the end is more money, soon when people will retire from this game and it will hurt their wallet they will delete the bots.

    You say lose in honor, why did you never said it to GUNNERS after they keep complaining about the "zerg" ?

    We're not talking about you though, were talking about the barking dog 1qaz :harold:.

    He's on the discord every day with his bullshit accusations & crying so when hearing it for the 100th time people get fed up :D