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    I highly doubt someone asked YOU to make one, but whatever

    You so proud of your zergers friends, so cute.

    And now to the subject,

    These reports and all you said just show us how poor GUNNERS offense team this server. there have not been a single success op out of you, and when you tried to go after WWK there have been massive splats.

    However Nordics managed to make such a big damage (did dozen of success ops) while faking 4 metas(DND, Ten, Gow, GOATS)

    and yet GUNNERS with just faking Ten & DND couldn't do 1/100 of what Nordics did. Shame for your offense team and offense planer.

    See, taking this approach is not making GUNNERS look any better than Gow.

    You welcome to join my approach and say its all bots, otherwise you just look bad.

    Happy to help, 1qaz :D

    You are saying that TG make, own and sell bots? Do you have any rational basis for this accusation, or any kind of evidence? Even any suggestion of how it makes any sense whatsoever would be a start??

    I must say, and I am saying this as a fully confirmed zerg member here, 'better, more active, more dedicated and more motivated to perform on the server' is looking like a much stronger argument than 'you cheat and TG help you cheat so no one can stop you'. If you have proof, present it (ideally to MH also), and if not then let's not present supposition as fact.

    If TG is making nothing about the bots, i can assume this is what happening.

    When you check the actions of the bots, and compare them with Duat actions its exactly the advantages they have. Bot is someone who making a humans actions. This is why you can always say it was a man doing so, and no one can confirm.

    I believe that with some efforts, Travian can catch this, But or they don't want to, and just keep running the same checking system, or they are the ones behind the bots.

    If you want links to the bots sites you will find out how EZ it is to use them, and their big advantages. Personality i find it pointless to use bots, the one thing which amazed me its how it is not pointless for others as well.

    Soon there will be a new feature which you can buy res with gold, Travian saw the Russian did a good money, and they will do the same.

    Reporting him won't help since Travian seems to not care about botting, but anyway, try your luck :D

    You are dwelling so deep in your own accusations of us using whatever illegal tools you come up with. Is it that difficult to man up and admit that a group of players are just better, more active, more dedicated and more motivated to perform on the server than anyone else? If you do not believe we play fair, there's a report button in each account's profile. Use that and discuss your suspicions with someone more educated on the subject instead of rambling here on in Discord with nothing to back up your made-up stories with. Or send some emails, as you probably have done already based on your own words in Discord. Hopefully you had very fruitful conversations with whoever was doomed to answer you.

    Ofc i attended to Travian enforcement team, tbh i didn't except something to happen, the bots belong to Travian and its just another way for them to make money. Sad all they care at the end is more money, soon when people will retire from this game and it will hurt their wallet they will delete the bots.

    You say lose in honor, why did you never said it to GUNNERS after they keep complaining about the "zerg" ?

    We're not talking about you though, were talking about the barking dog 1qaz :harold:.

    He's on the discord every day with his bullshit accusations & crying so when hearing it for the 100th time people get fed up :D

    I dont know who you are, but I will add something, if you look at DUAT / IKEA / their many techs and pds they are more than all GOATS.


    Yes, it was a joke because all IKEA are the perfect robots and send in the exact same sec on all accounts including fakes. You are using a bot? I dont care, good for you... It means that ur real skills are crap. And as an web developer I admire the skill of the one who made it to cover the tracks so the TG can not see it. Also... I have another sense tingling but I will not make theories I have no proof of.

    Its all started with close quad fights. first attempt we attacked at night and both me & Jacksparrow made it through without loses, then they realized they need to do something about 1 field fight, so they have put alarms, once an attack show up - you get an alarm and you get online, this way you can't lose close range fights. (note: they upgraded the alarm to only cata speed later since i faked them with 1 phala every hour)

    Easy check will show you there is such a thing, easy to do.

    Then it was the techs, running all those techs for 180 days, while mostly you upgrade techs feeders, its impossible. Easy check will show you there is a bot which can build 50 techs (cost some $)

    Then it was the 3 days op with perfect timing on the same sec Again, easy check will show you there is a bot which can send your attacks( its a bit more complicated with emails etc but possible)

    Everything you can explain, you can say they got online on the exact sec attack was sent. you can say they actually running all those techs, and they actually send all these attacks.

    there is an explanation for everything. but some don't buy that.

    You said you "admire the skill of the one who made it" well don't worry, its not a Duat dude, probably some Russian guy which make money from selling his bots :D

    First, after Travian took down the option to do unlike to a post, what Bat man is gonna do now ?!?

    To clarify, this is the guy who sends IGMs to us with things like ~ 'Hey Batman, your timing is 1 second off'

    Childish, don't you think? As is making a grand entrance here by stating that you've won everything there is to win in this game? Also, I do not think anyone owes respect to someone who accuses people who have outplayed him all server long of botting while simultaneously buying russian multiaccounts. Oh but I forgot, you guys aren't even trying or playing seriously, just casually confeding with four other metas because you are here to not "win"?

    He has proofs of botting, and many believe that.

    Why its ok to repeat the Russia market dozens of times, but accusing for bots using become not ok and forbidden ?!?

    The moment you faced actual competition, e.g. this server, you got absolutely blasted and this is under the conditions of having 3 other teams helping you.

    Right, we are 4 alliances zerging, but when you look at Nordics, they have simmed for 150 days, no one attacked them, then they made some ops after all sides are weak. and until now(D180) you still didn't get any incomings on you. Its nice to say we zrged and still losing, but also face you enjoyed the most out of the zerg, the only one who can complain about the zerg its GUNNERS, yet, seems like Nordics complain more,

    I mean if you cant kill a single meta with five metas in over a month thats not a good look.

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    We can, we just didn't put the enough energy for it. or the other thing Ham Ham

    Op every 3 days was doing the job for example.

    gunners took big dmg? no argue.

    but please dont forget that u all got weekened as well

    zerged meta thought gunners will be destroyed far ago, so u will be able to deal with nordics

    the result is, u lost ton of assets along this war and got weakened to the upcoming fight with them

    Its just show us we made a good call going for GUNNERS, if you survived until now, its mean you are a strong meta.

    You have only EGH left, maybe some small hammers, and on defensive side you don't look good as well(now with LT gone)

    For us:

    on the defensive side we didn't really took damage, but we did lost a lot on the offensive. major of Gow biggest hammers went down in the op when Nordics defended you.

    At the end if we were going for Nordics first GUNNERS would have been a monster with 3 trainers, go on both Nordics & GUNNERS and we would gain nothing. going on GUNNERS and Nordics become stronger - that's what we did.

    I didn't talk about GUNNERS using bots, actually i said they aren't above.

    I just joked about the server discord. while when you walled Gow some showed up, but when you got wall they leaved.

    Don't understand why you so angry about that, but whatever...

    GUNNERS are giving a good fight indeed, didn't say differently. But basically you can not beat a meta, and we managed to do a big damage, aren't we ?

    Thanks for the tips, always here to hear more :D

    1) "We would never do bots" and next sentence you proud of a bots working, ironic.

    2) "We move forward" = Verdie & Floki leaving server discord.

    I think this is a conclusion of GUNNERS this server

    Poor GUNNERS, op every 3 days without bots, must be devastating so they decided to go "All in" and try to chief a WWK.

    So 2 tips:

    1) Use bots

    2) If you don't use bots, don't do timing ops with Nordics.

    Also, cheers to Ten & DND, now its the time to block some Nordics

    Let’s have a bit more decorum guys and be respectful to each other, what’s the point of posting childish drivel when it’s just going to be thrown out where it belongs in the trash bin, especially if the mod is doing his/her job correctly. cmon guys I’m sure even gow players have something to show beyond 1iqz..

    In other news the zerg 4 quad meta is on the prowl again against the top guns no less, who have also conducted an anti zerg op of their own, stay tuned for the fireworks, good luck everyone!

    Bat Man, no one care about your posts anymore, you became boring and irrelevant so you join the band of "we all against 1qaz" to get some likes, poorly attempt.

    At least i'm not speaking against "childish stuff" and then saying " Even Gow have something to show beyond 1qaz" most childish sentence i have ever heard. So please, go back to the cave you came from. :D