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    If you want to have better equipment at first few weeks dont buy or use any gold, its scientifically proven that you get more items from adventures if you dont use gold,

    but if you have no problem buying gold then change it to silver to buy items (early game items are expensive be aware), then you´ll get more often oitnments or if lucky resources from adventures and that is crucial at early stage.

    Can you please post a link where the scientist has proven this.

    I find all these tips rather mediocre and the Pro's don't really share any tips in here

    Very very true. Some of those "Pro tips" are even simply bad recommendations. But hey, try to convince the bad players that they are bad.

    Yes, gold have a huge impact on the server, if you have gold in a unlimited amount you could play the game around twice as fast as someone who don't. But at the same time training times in baracks is the same even with gold on normal server without troop merging. So building troops is the most important part of the game,

    But with gold you can build your account faster. Bigger accounts, higher level of barracks, stable and workshop or even more barracks etc.. Therefore, you will outproduce any player without heavy gold, usually.

    For beginners and experienced players too, spy research on every village is a clever strategy / is cheap and a moderate number trainend on each village will ensure an vital resource in case of loosing spy dedicated one.

    You don´t need to research in every village, just reinforce Scouts in every village. For beginners, that saves plenty of resources.

    It is! That's the math! And I don't raid neither! I allocate lots of my Heroe's points to resource production, as you can see in the screenshot. Reviving a 1st level Gaul Hero costs, for example, merely 240, 380, 270 and 160 res plus a loss of the heroe's production of 1 to 2 hours. You would loose a lot more waiting for your hero to recover before continuing going on adventures. You would also otherwise take longer leveling up your hero for getting more points you can allocate to more res production too.

    Your hero does not die so easily early in the game from adventures. And especially not now that it gets 100% health after each level up. Of course you also have to spend resources on fighting strength.

    At the beginning of a game world you can easily afford reviving your hero with your resources

    I doubt this is true. While you get a lot of resources through the quests and yes, you can revive the hero, those resources that you spend could be used wiser. Losing your hero early on is only good if you raid a lot and make it worth. For others, it´s disaster.

    Sure it costs me a lot of gold compared to what could be done if I were more active, but I can still stay competitive with just that one hour playtime a day. And I don’t really use sitters.

    What. 1hr per day on speed server and still be competitive. And I wanted to join the next speed round. It should not be worth it then?