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    GG Rus

    Still havent see one atack report from New Order.

    Are you keeping your hammers to use in next server?

    I rly dont understand why didnt the team whit unique and big trainer since the release havent show even a small hammer:/

    I think everybody is whaiting to see what New Order could did whit such benefit.

    Hi there.

    You talk about fair play in the finals,but those are the same finals where Ruteam play against all the server.

    Probably you dont know the history about finals.

    year after year the major target for big metas is not to let Ruteam/Union win. After that they faigth whitch other for the win.

    Finals will never be a fair server. Everybody has to do there job for the win.

    About tech suport,farm around 100kk per day,and New order grow hammers slow...

    Well,tech suport is something that everybody can use.

    Farm around 100kk per day is something New order player can do also.

    You have defensive suport from CS and other metas,even from russian teams,so insted of defensive call,how can we know New order isnt also requesting resources suport to give use to there unique/big trainer?

    To suport a small trainer you dont even need to farm. Conf will suport you whit the resources needed per day,(when those conf play for the same,push whont be a problem).

    New order dont need to build many hammers because they dont give use to them (at least until now).

    From here as you may already see,almost every nigths are ops,here or there ,sucesseful or not.

    Whe already show an + 300 clubs and 19k rams rammer.and this type of hammer we have are not made by tech. They are made of huge howners dedication,and from the work of all the players from there alliance.

    Here we leave of the figth for ours targets. Even if that figth bring us from the center to 200/200 square.

    Has told before,im rly glad you are having fun.

    In finals if you have the chance to figth for the quad against Ruteam/Union i believe you whont be desapointed.

    This is the time for ppl use there small armies.

    Doing that they will free crop,and kill mutch defense as they can.

    After bp release small armie whont be usefull anymore so we spect to see more of these ops.

    We are wainting to see New Order using defense in there ww from other alliances like in last comx,and CS giving there defense probably to you,so lets see what next days will show us.

    GJ, as always.
    Would be insteresting to catch more Hammers, but it seems they are not cocky as X3 players.

    Also the scout walls were insane, I wonder how can they scout wall every runner with 20k plus Roman Scouts :/

    Non the less it's insane how in two weeks NewOrder climbed in DEFF points, over 3Milion troops killed if Im not mistaken.
    Will never forget this Travian moments. :saint:

    Im glad that you are having fun.

    That is the main reason why ppl play this game.

    WINTER/MAFIA are playing against 2 good metas.

    F&B (for me one of the strongests teams in the server)and co,and against New Order/CS and co.

    Beside the fact that some players cant have mutch time to play qualifiers we keep doing the best that we can,whit almost daily ops,where sometimes you win and sometimes you dont,but even in a not so good op,you learn and Nina,Ksenia,Ataturk,Pristol and all the other coords are probably some of the bests i know in this game,and for shore they will keep showing what they know,and next ops will became harder and harder for the defenders.

    I dont talk for the group. I talk for me and from what i know of this great team.

    Like Natalya told before,the game continues.

    Good luck and congrats for the defense.

    You use the rules in a way they are not meant to be used but that's something Travian Games has to handle. I'm not gonna say or like you say "cry" about that. But Russians don't have to "cry" when we use other alliances to help us defend since you did it from the start ;)

    Alcunha out ...

    Hi my friend.

    I think nobody is crying about New Order ask defese forom other alliances.

    The oouupps from @_ КЕША __RU maybe was about New Order saying they are playing whit 55 players against all Russian teams.

    That is not true.

    In first out squad op from WINter/MAFIA you ask defense from all over the map.

    You acuse X3 to play whit tech and that is somenthing they are not made to be use,but that is legal.

    Conf system is also something that is legal and you abuse of it.Change conf to use defense is also something that cof system should not be use to.

    This is a war game world and you cant ever wait to be a 1x1 game.

    Everybody will use there weapons.

    by that we still whait for a major of op from New Order.

    Remember that you have a great and a unique trainer.

    For as far I know, there is not even one tech user in the NewOrder alliance. The only tech's they raid are from the Russian meta. At the start of the server, a couple of accounts where kicked from the alliance because of tech-usage. NewOrder is against tech usage and rather die playing fair than having to cheat to win

    Tech are not ilegal. Multis are.

    So i dont understand the big deal of tech in a server like qually. Many ppl play this server just to get invitation and is a great deal if they intend to supprt other players,if they dont have mutch time,and cant give there contribute to the team in other way.

    AntRouslan is playing as a tech this round so i think this tell alot. Like him many others in russian teams.

    About def lost I dont think it was more than 33% in any of the villas.

    As far i understant you had about 11 hours to prepare defense.

    I believe you move around 60 to 75% of available defense .

    You loose around 1.5kk defense troops when 400k of them where defensive horses.

    We still have 22 days till BP and knowing natalya and Mizantrop as i know,it will be a hard 22 days for your alliance.

    One of the thinks i learn after 4 years playing in Russian teams,is that some times you have to loose 1 or 2 batles to win the war.

    Lets see if this was the case.

    Hi Dodger

    Yes New Order is a good team.

    They allways do good in quallies and also in last comx.

    I also spect to see more in finals,but finals are a hard server to play.

    You have more quad figth whit bigger and strongest metas.

    Qually is the whrite server to small metas show there work. For bigger metas is just an oportunity to test strategies,recrut,and get invitations for finals.

    Dont think win is the major target.

    As you know Ruteam in the past years had play separeted,some times in diferent servers .

    Last year New Order start in finals,and i hope to see more of them in finals and also en qually.

    For me they are making a standby game. Almost half of there of points where from natars. I think we should spect more moves from a ally whit a great and unique trainer.

    Lets see what next days will bring.

    Btw its strange not to see New Order in the climbers rank of the weak.

    My friend dont talk about russian teams.

    For shore you also have your techs.

    Are you surprised why new order is still on top 1 rank?

    Let me tell you...because nobody rly play qually for real.

    Last year smurfs win in russian group also.

    Qually is the only chance for new order to shine,because in finals usually nobody see thems.

    So enjoy it now because in finals the music will not be the same.

    Btw nice def op.

    Many of troops kill but also many defense lost.

    There is a reason for why the game is dying. mainly because of techs and multiaccounting.

    Maybe the main reason is because there is no figth. Only diplomacy.

    Loffe told that many try to NAP whit his alliance. And is only day 7 of the server.

    I think this tell a lot of what is the bigest problem in the game.

    Hardly you find a server where you can have a good figth for the conquest of your quadrant.

    Actually they are not.

    You just need to use the brain, an atomic clock and press Click/Enter whatever 4times fast. And you have the 4 waves at the same second. Magic?!:rep01:
    Not that hard, probably easier than set up a script.

    And i think travian made it possible to help Phone and other Mobile devices users to do it without using illegal stuff.

    To manage WW resources I think that GetterTools Parse Calculators that is also allowed by travian is enough :rolleyes::rolleyes:

    Back to the Topic, no nice/bad things to say about the atacking rep? ?(:rat:

    Thanks for the reports.

    It is always nice to see what is hapening in the server.

    As far as i see it was maybe a try to give some use to armies that where made to artefacts.

    You can see that armies where not that big.

    Maybe it was a test to see defensive strengt and movement,and to kill some defense.

    I believe next tries will be more powerfull.

    Keep sharing reports if you can.

    Cya and good game.