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    As always, this is nonsense and not even an analysis. Do you include your own thoughts into an analysis? Well, that's not an analysis and yet you said that "expert analysis". Well done :)

    Appealing and challenging a punishment should always be on the table, natural law applies in this. In addition, you should at least submit irrefutable proof of rules being broken. I have been involve in a case of accounts banning any you were simply not capable to present proof of, yet the account was penalised for something you could not prove. Queck.
    good luck with this, you will need it.

    I agree with you. They just write "Others" as the ban reason. When you contact with the customer services, you can't get any help or you get very very late response. The game is so fast (even in x1 servers) you can miss so much things by 1 or 2 days. Thus, this is really needed.

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    I saw some one got an IGM from one of them asking if they wanted to buy resources, that is pretty conclusive evidence. I don't know how you can prove that some one paid them for resources and wasn't just given them for free though.

    Well, yes this could be happen but they can't ban players just by taking serious the rumors, right? They need to have real proofs of selling resources and the IGM is between 2 players always. So, you can punish that 2 players but not the whole alliance. That doesn't mean the whole alliance selling/buying resources. It is happening between some other alliance's wings. It's the same logic. If It's a suspicious action, then they need to forbid resource transportation between allies.

    Someone is clearly in GoW....

    I know its BS, GoW with them deep pockets got all the TG CEOs on payroll. Ridiculous how they got off so lightly.

    Yes, I'm playing in GoW. You don't need to conclude it this way. You can just search my screen name in game statistics tab. You'll see "GoW" written in my alliance name. I don't hide my identity unlike half of the people here. You need to hide your identity, you need to save yourself from unwanted eyes especially when you make mistakes :)

    How do you prove that G7th alliance was selling resources to players? If you don't have any proofs how you detect it? Because you know, members of same alliance/confederacy can send resources to each other even if It's only one sided. And this is legal, there are some limitations to do that, but there is no penalty. Can you explain it, please?

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    So there is no chance that an ally like G7th will be banned ? Isn't this taking money away from the pockets of our masters in TG.

    Who knows they don't gain anything? What if they are these markets?

    You might know the video game CS:GO that is developed by Valve GmbH. This game has hacks everywhere since it released. Some hacks are free some hacks are paid. Valve has a good anti-cheat system that pretends these hackers in a 24 hours. If you use a hack, you will get banned forever in 24 hours for sure in this game. And also this game was paid until last 1-1.5 years. It's cost was 18$ as far as I remember. You know what? Developers could develop cheats and anti-cheats and they release them at the same time. So, they'll ban players and force them buy the game again and they will earn money this way. This is just a rumor but since thr developers can't handle hacks at all, this is a possibility. Same here.

    Does that make it legal?

    If so, why you keep fighting among yourselves? TG allows it. It must be legit game then.

    Well, yes. As I told before, It's legal since there is no rule to forbid resource transportations between players that are in the same alliance/confederacy. There are just a few limitations. So, nothing to report here.

    Good question Shadow Fiend! I find I’m able to accomplish more sometimes with an anonymous id, it helps with spying and collecting or creating informations. I’m also able to look at the game from different perspectives.

    I can be a shadow and blend in to the night and no one would ever know.

    Well, that's quite interesting reason. If you think that will worth doing it, good. Anyways, good luck and have fun friend!

    Noooo! I’m Batman! 🦇

    Don't do that joke please. It's so cringy man :D

    I just have one question. Why do you hide your identity? I mean what do you get by hiding your identity? If you can answer this question honestly I would be very happy. Thanks :)

    That makes sense and I only heard about our team Gow using the Russians, and even then I had no idea how the system works. Although our leaders say Duat use them to and that it’s a normal thing amongst teams now.

    interesting how widespread it is and if your not wrong, it’s not even localised to any one country...

    Hopefully tg can look in to this situation further and maybe make a new guide for those not in the know like me, so us old fashioned noobies and the newbies can learn more about it and keep up :)

    To be honest, I have never heard our team GoW using resource/tech markets but it can be, I'm not sure.

    I wish they work on it harder too :)

    What do you mean whit this???:/

    It's a market that in-game resources are sold. They might sell tech-accounts as well. I don't know where to find them or what are the prices. Never used both techs or resources/tech markets. But I don't know why you just mention it with a nation's name "Russians". If I'm not wrong, Arabs are doing the same. It has nothing with the nation. Just an illegal looking res/tech market. That's all I know.

    1qaz nowadays a multiple personality dissorder is a standard.

    I like each and every post of yours on this thread. My oppinion is that I can adapt to the new environment or aswell quit. It is a slight equlibrium line between time spent, money spent, self esteem and entertainment.

    I wonder if a tech abuser ever has time to enjoy a victory.

    Horribly correct! Couldn't describe it any better way :P