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    I doubt this is true. While you get a lot of resources through the quests and yes, you can revive the hero, those resources that you spend could be used wiser. Losing your hero early on is only good if you raid a lot and make it worth. For others, it´s disaster.

    It is! That's the math! And I don't raid neither! I allocate lots of my Heroe's points to resource production, as you can see in the screenshot. Reviving a 1st level Gaul Hero costs, for example, merely 240, 380, 270 and 160 res plus a loss of the heroe's production of 1 to 2 hours. You would loose a lot more waiting for your hero to recover before continuing going on adventures. You would also otherwise take longer leveling up your hero for getting more points you can allocate to more res production too.

    Don't be afraid to invest your Heroe's first points into strength only and don't wait for your hero to recover before going on adventures again. At the beginning of a game world you can easily afford reviving your hero with your resources. With as many points allocated to resource production as possible he is going to make you more than his revival costs. His revival doesn't take long neither and he will return to you with 100% health. Just make sure, when you let him die, to not just having spent all your resources since he is not going to produce you any in his time of death.