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    Keep in mind that even though gold club is 200 gold your starting gold is now 130 gold,

    so there is not different besides if you use those 130 gold for something else the step is longer but if you not it's the exact same.

    You are forgetting that gold club on speed servers used to be 50 gold, so non gold players only had to get 20 gold from auctions, now they have to get 70.

    I have to say, I am NOT a fan of the hospital. It gives a HUGE advantage to Offensive players. In order for defensive players to get the same benefit they would have to build a hospital in EVERY village that produces defense instead of just your offensive village. Every offensive account with tech accounts will be SIGNIFICANTLY more overpowered than they already are, further taking the fun out of the game.

    The game in it's current state is heavily defense favoured, so I believe the Hospital is a great change, it may be a tad too good, but only time will tell I guess.

    The biggest reason behind why 5 tribes aren’t as popular yet, is that Egypts especially outshine every other tribe by a lot.

    Im sure that we will mostly see 5 tribe servers in the future, whenever Travian decides to nerf the Egyptian waterworks

    Make a proposal then.

    I got you fam, thanks for quoting me, as I had forgotten about the thread already.

    Right now, it’s not uncommon that an alliance get 10 building plans if not all of them, since premade alliances all can plan for the spawns as they are publically known, which would give a super unfair advantage and make it basically unwinnable for anyone else. So forget about that idea.

    So here’s my proposal; Scratch the random WW spawns, as it doesn’t do anything.

    Lower the amount of Building plans to 7-9 and make building plan spawn pseudo-random on a single circle.

    That will make it easier for people to force building plan movements which would pause a WW build, as not everyone will be able to always keep 2 active.
    It would encourage more people to attack, without giving a super unfair advantage to the alliance with more plans than others.

    Another change that could be made is to lower the amount of WWs to 8 (4 in grey and 1 in each quad at 100/100) not that it would really do much though.

    Spot on mate!

    TG have claimed that they can easily just make it impossible for TOR users, and maybe even VPNs/Proxies to not be able to play the game, so would be awesome if we could get servers like that :-)