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    When you're in gunners and no one gives you free defpoints :(

    hero xp *

    Since we're sharing stuff over here.
    Just casually gonna drop this one aswell

    Did give him a nice spot at Gunn3rs though :)

    Is that you mars a.k.a. sponge(HH)? :huh:

    looks like someone forgot and sent 1 druid with the scouts :D

    jk , its for hero xp , im not going to defend or deny it tho , people use their techs to push , i asked them to splat scouts on me instead 8)

    also , no he is not the same sponge , just same nickname

    for some hypocrites , u cant compare 100k or maybe more push from russian alliance to 2-3 hero levels

    Robert, you can't compete with this guy, look how many def points he has, but do not worry, "only time will tell" if he is such a good defender ;)

    top tier defender as u see :D

    not my fault people forget and send 1 other troop when they try to scout me :D

    i think you missunderstood the could be that you dont understand english well so i'll get over it

    you just suck at english just as you suck at travian no doubt in that :D

    suck at travian :D , i wont reply on this one , go ask your team who bounced on me first :P

    and the Gunners do it too, so do not be such a hypocrite. Among the first things I heard and learned when I joined was how to use Tor. come on you are no better than anyone else.;) printscrens exist, sure i can ask any of my leaders to post them in the com2 chat. If it wishes.

    Uh come on you're not doing me any favors at all trying to hide it. I did nothing wrong in gunners have not done anything wrong at all on any server recently pours. More than I refuse to play with people who talk shit about me. You did not give me the chance to show who I am. You listened to the rat and you can not stand for what you did but try to silence it. Your loss honestly and it just shows that the leaders of the gunners are weak.

    I wonder who wrote ths for u , cuz last time i remember u have broken english