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    Point is that still a lot of russians and POM plays with vpn and tor for multi's. I know the rules and I don't like the current rules but accept them. Problem is that they are not following the rules and it's impossible to prove it because its too easy to hide it. And before the white knights arrive again, I also understand that not all multi's are 'fake' and some are run by real players, you are doing great ;)!

    The Travan team should, after making changes to the game and the rules of the game, also impose sanctions on the player deliberately robbing the account, a private farm working for him - the sanction is the confiscation of all gold and silver coins and demolition of the account by 60%. Nothing hurts like confiscating cash.

    same as russians are 'officially' not cheating on this server, we get it :D

    The Travian team has removed the game rules that the account cannot play to its detriment. This made it possible to legally play on private farm accounts.

    It should be written in the game rules that the account may not play to its own detriment.

    Write that it does not matter where we are logging in to the game and that the login is from a different IP address and a different device.

    If we allow one player to rob the account and another player cannot rob the account, because the defender puts a defense, such an account will be considered a multi-account and will be blocked.

    It all depends on Team Travian.