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    ""Someone told me that BK and GD have some kind of deal. Is that true or false?""

    PS - I am not so boring guys that my threads should not get one reply also. Lets create some conversation 8)

    Is GD losing their grip.

    They've been carelessly attacking

    PT, FM, GODS that lead them to waste.

    Great defense.

    NOTE: I'm zam ign.

    Usually from TW now PT.

    Thanks to all of you guys.

    I really don't know which one I will quote😅

    It's only gunners I see that you guys are talking about.

    I'm interested in it.

    I can comply the requirements. Can because the server hasn't start yet.

    Surely 24/7 online and I play defense with Romans.

    What part of the map do gunners usually spawn?

    And thanks again guys. Really appreciated it. 🤗


    I'm looking forward to that.

    Anyway I'm looking for better alliance.

    Do you have an alliance already?

    I seen some post in the furom it looks like there are many legendary players updated.

    Hoping I can join?

    And what part of the map?

    Or am I to advance to ask for an alliance?