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📝Farewell to Forums📝

The forum is currently in read-only mode that will last till July 07th, 2021.

You will find news and all relevant information about the game in our Travian: Legends blog.
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    Yes, also forwarded what you said here :)

    I just pointed out the Italian feedback since it was done by their CM for their Community ;)

    Thomas, you know we are right too. Forum is indispensable for Travian. If its use has decreased, this is the problem of administrators. ;):cursing:

    Regarding the Italian Community, your Community Manager has already forwarded the negative feedback about the news to HQ.

    They all work for Travian.

    After writing this, if you want, check out the Turkish Forum.

    It is up to all of us to keep this place alive.

    Closing the forum is completely silly.

    We users spend a lot of time here and there are people who follow.

    Analyzes, reports, union announcements, diplomacy ... Every subject is discussed on the forum.

    Turkish Forum users are actively using the forum. The Discord system and the forum system cannot be compared. A forum system is required for the game.

    You must abandon the closing decision.

    What you are doing now is coming with other bad mechanisms we all probably agree on. As i already said, just because you can name other negative mechanisms in this game, doesnt negate the issue with the adds.

    "game is not played without gold". well i disagree on this, travian should learn from League of legends or CS go, both games have nothing in it which is pay to win, thats why after all these years these games are still popular in contrary to travian which has a huge decline.

    Man, be objective and see the facts. All of the top players of the game use gold. The money they reserve for gold is in the price of the house rent. Players who play without gold only prefer defensive play. Gold is a huge barrage in this game. Within the framework of this topic, gold is indispensable for this game. Gold prices in Turkey are very unbalanced. Building by watching commercials? It's really funny to discuss this. The mechanics of the game may be balanced, but it puts a huge financial burden on the player.

    Don't buy the gold, but you are insufficient.

    You are giving a false dilemma, yes pay to win with gold is the real problem, but that doesnt negate that the 25% bonus from adds isn't toxic.

    You know very well, this game is not played without gold. Gold is always the biggest advantage. It is impossible not to see that an unfair government exists. Also, the "multi-account" problem is still too much.