Posts by Hatsak

    Do not like that you have to spend 100 gold to evade. I get that you are giving me 100 gold but if that is what it will cost, I am done and me and my partners will no longer play. I play several servers mostly at one time and that is a little steep. You are getting enough from me and I am getting nothing in return.

    I have been playing for over 10 years now. It was my 2 partners that got me to join, I have played every game with them, but they have a 10 year metal. I asked and got, "they will check into it and let me know the next time the metals go out", while my partners (that they could check and see) have had theirs for over a year, It makes me look bad.

    I do not like that I can not go Northeast to play with fellow friends. Don't get me wrong, I love the changes (for something new) but that does hinder a few things.

    Does it have to be always a slow server? No one likes a slow server. It takes forever to be committed to a game (hours to up 1 thing, makes it harder to stay on the game for any extended period of time). Let's get on with it. I am a gold user and this is a waste of time. A slow server is great for beginners but not veterans. All BETA'a games will never last for most veterans to give you the feedback that you want. We will either quit or won't get back on.

    I do not like that your resources go to your hero. I like that nothing gets wasted but you are always having to click and make several moves to get those resources. It is time consuming having to calculate what you can transfer. Why not fill your warehouse with the resources that will fit and then over flow goes to your hero and then you can draw from it? Less steps and time.

    Dual accounts is a major problem playing travian. There are to many playing on their computer, phone etc., and dualing or sitting for their own accounts. OMG! I would love the job to investigate that. Will add more later. Thank you all for your time and pointers.:|