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    I mean we have cleared out our area, got the uniques (granted we let you clear one of them for us), reality checked your leaders, made them get 99% splat rate and flee to the woods. That's all the fighting we need to wake up with a warm fuzzy feeling in the mornings for the next 3 years. Oh and also apparently helped motivate them to buy res and get banned for it, which was very funny.

    Hey we didn't lie. You think IKEA and Duat have some loving relationship? We absolutely hate each other. Purely a tough love kind of relationship. Just IGM our acc and we will set up Goats+Duat ops against them

    Do you like to wake up with warm Fuzzy feelings? :*

    Its not my problem that you cant understand anything told to you once

    You can go ahead and read it 5 times :)

    Like you guys, I chat with others as well and I have some choice screenshots I can share but I wont as I actually liked talking to the guy. ;p

    Have fun reading that sentence as many times as you want :)

    share it with me bb

    From what I can see there is no big Zerg going on, its all just a reaction to what is going on in the server.

    I don't see the Nordics complaining about anything but if they didn't want a war on multiple fronts then they shouldn't have had such an aggressive game play against so many alliances. I think everyone knows about what went on between Goats and IKEA so there is no surprise that Goats are fighting IKEA, GOW and Duat have been fighting since the start of the server so the Nordic merge will mean that GOATS and GOW will be against them. During the TEN 2.01 war IKEA ran operations against both alliances so I wouldn't be surprised if we see TEN and 2.01 join in against IKEA now that the SE war has quietened. So anything going on there is no massive Zerg its just as response to the Nordic strategy and I assume they understood this when they took this strategy on as you don't see them crying on the forum like the GUNNERS players.

    As for a zerg against GUNNERS from what I can see this is just a response to their strategy or stupidity rather than a big Zerg. They started the server with a NAP with DND and started hitting GOW with Duat. Obviously 1 war was not enough for them so they decided to drop the NAP with DND and plan operations against them. As if a war on 2 fronts wasn't enough they decided to litter the SE with cat points just before arties. And for some reason they are then surprised that GOW and DND are running join ops against them and that TEN are happy to lend DND a hand by providing a little defence. Now with GUNNERS latest move of using a plant to steal the ST from TEN can they really be surprised if TEN join in any OPs on them. Quite frankly don't start a war on multiple fronts and then run to the forum to cry when teams retaliate.

    GOAT have not zerged against Gunners but...

    Gunners have off accounts in nice croppers in SW..

    Plus they fake arties in SW

    Nice diplomacy :harold:

    The big boys indeed Clockie, Before the conspiracy theories start Batman is going on vacation mode for a while, Please don’t attack me (jking) keep up the banta, hugging whatever you prefer, most importantly have fun with it and remember it’s only a game, if your anything like me your already too addicted to it already, rest assure Batman will return before ten can say what happened to my small trainers 😂


    Batman X

    What's wrong Verdie? :( too busy these days?

    As your secretary Brezz I have to correct you on this

    Server you helped Sandra and Francois leading was Warriors on com4 (which we won ) hehe

    Server you helped Crazy Cat and Debra was EFF which you were only there for a few months before GOATs started on com4. This is the sever Batman was referring to

    P.S. Anyone want a meeting with brezz? they can schedule with me hahaha