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    Want to have a more relaxed Travian experience and make LOTS of friends in your alliance? Play as an anvil. Here's three steps to running a successful anvil:

    1. Train a general purpose troop early on to raid inactive villages. For Teutons, you can train a few hundred clubs even if you plan to play as an anvil.

    2. DO NOT rush to grab a 15-cropper (unless you want to spend a lot of gold on NPC trades). A 9c with good oases makes a great capital for an anvil.

    3. Skip the stable and workshop. Focus on training your most crop-efficient defenders: praetorian, phalanx, spearman, ash warden (Hun anvil? No. Just don't.) Use the extra resources to party and the extra building spots for granaries and cp buildings like the embassy. You'll want to build a stable to 10 and build the trade office later, but you can tear it down after that.

    This tip is Roman-specific for early game and applies primarily to active raiders using a farm list.

    While the Teutons and Huns get off to an early start on raiding, you can catch up quickly by leveling your EIs to 4 once you have 100 or more. At this point, a single EI can raid an inactive village without dying, so you can effectively double your raiding income from small inactive villages. This is one case where the calculators showing when it is best to upgrade vs. train more troops are dead wrong.

    Later in the game when catapults are rolling and alliances are at war, the worst thing you can do is slam your main offensive forces into a huge anvil. If you are building a WW hammer, save it for the WW! Safely raiding farms with your troops is fine, but build a second (smaller) hammer for alliance warfare. Here are some tips to protect your "disposable" hammer and get the most out of it:

    1. Fakes! Send dozens of attacks with 20 troops and a catapult. This will disguise your real attack. If you are sending multiple waves, ensure each of your fakes has multiple waves. If these extra troops divide the defenses, they are worth far more than their cost to produce. Get your alliance mates involved and time the fakes to arrive near the same landing time so defenses can't be re-positioned.

    2. Don't go for the jugular. An attack on a secondary or tertiary target is much more likely to be assumed to be a fake. These attacks can be devastating and your hammer will come home in tact to be used again and again.

    3. Watch for the follow-home. Good players will often calculate the arrival time back at your village and send a swift cavalry force to wipe it out. Make sure you stack your defenses in advance of your troops arrival so that you are not left scrambling.

    I didn't play the Beta and haven't been able to find out if the map is pre-seeded with Natar villages. Since we have to cooperate with our faction, raiding Natars and oases may be the only early-game raiding options that make strategic sense. I'd love some insights from Beta players or the Travian team on the density, population and military strength of the starting Natar villages both in the spawn region and the uncontrolled regions.