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    as we have a thread now i want to use it for some good.

    i have spent over 13 years on travian and even led an alliance during storm katrina where a few members lost their homes.

    1 member was setting up a rescue centre.That round yellows were ok.

    It became apparent back then that travian is more than just clock watching and gold but more about people.

    travian has its own comunity and accounts become friends. i have personally met over 10 players from the game who have become real life friends.

    We all have our problems and someone on travian (scarlie) saved my life when things were very bleak with depression.

    which brings me to some sad news of a former fcukx player who sadly took his own life last year.

    some might know him as pboy or peiter. i want him to be remembered.

    this game is real people are real

    so if anyone feels that low dont suffer alone send me a message maybe i can save someone else

    rest in peace