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    superior consultation and geo logistical expertise

    This is pure gold. You made me smile.

    You do seem confused though. It is not 'superior consultation' - they did more than simply talk and discuss ideas, they formed and implemented a clear plan very early on which members of both groups adhered to closely. It is not 'logistical expertise' - it is a super warm cuddle, the kind anyone else would feel uncomfortable watching.

    I wouldn’t call NE a hugfest, let’s not forget Dnd and Gunners are two very different teams, with missions and objectives that have no actual bearing on each other. DnD’s old rivals are in ten. And Gunners well we all know where our sights are gowing :)


    Of course different teams can hug. It doesn't matter that the 'missions and objectives' are different. There is clear evidence of organised coordination between the two groups in terms of where they settle and, most likely, in who they attack. They are working together. That is a big cuddly hug, I've been told with kisses :)

    Just one final map.. it is a bit annoying to hear talk of which quad/alliance is 'simming' the most. (A pointless discussion anyway as you can play an aggressive game from the boonies/wilderness, it just takes a different approach.)

    Here I have split all players on the map into four quads and given each quad a colour. Some accounts (like those to the south end of DND) do not stay in their own quad, so this is not to be taken too literally.

    It seems to me that all quads have, roughly speaking, similar numbers staying near the centre and similar moving far away.

    I would suggest that the only two groups I mapped in more detail above with any claim to staying near the centre are Duat group and IKEA. Everyone else is spreading out, and that's no bad thing.

    Flufie away - we'll come back when things have changed :)

    The last map was not very good, so here are some more detailed ones. Again, it should be known that any views expressed here are entirely my own, and most likely totally wrong.

    I found the old mapping tool on a hard drive, and downloaded the most recent map.sql file. Any inaccuracies are entirely human, or bunny, error.

    Meet Flufie. He used to help with the old analyses, and wants to join in again.





    Flufie says you are doing a colourful dance which makes him feel dizzy. He did stop taking his medication last week though..


    TEN (TEN - AD, TEN Y, TEN X and TEN-TSE); 2.01 (2.01-X, 2.01-D and 2.01-A)

    Is this it in the SE? Alliances which seem to base their names on numbers. Yay, go you!


    GOATS (Goatters, GOATS and GOATZ); IKEA; ZEN (ZEN, ZEN+ and ZEN+BBB)

    The SE is clearly much more interesting.

    Hugging the centre of the quad, and also with the largest single alliance on the server, is IKEA. A bold strategy perhaps? Flufie thinks they'll find themselves in bother later in the server.

    Then we have Goats, who seem to pride themselves upon playing a respectable and honourable game. I have not included all the alliances they are at war with - that could be another analysis in itself. We are impressed with their fighting spirit and look forward to seeing what they can do.

    ZEN look less well organised :/


    GoW (GoW, GoW. and GoW..); Duat (Duat, NoSpies and Strange); WoW (WoW and WoW II); Bubbles

    The quad which gets the most attention in this forum. Or is that just Bat Man talking about GoW?

    Will the Duat group be able to clear their area of GoW and force them to live in the shadows? Are WoW going to just fizzle out into insignificance? Will Bubbles ever get to their second village? Who knows..


    GUNNERS (Goofers, GUNN3RS, GUNNERS and GUNNERZ); DND (DND and DSD); NE (NE, +NE and NE+)

    The NE alliance group in white are described in this forum as weak. Are they being underestimated?

    Does anyone else think GUNNERS and DND are being suspiciously respectful of each other's territory? Flufie thinks they'll end up having a massive cuddle which lasts months and produces many sim-tastic armies. He usually knows what he's talking about.

    That's all for now.

    Does anyone else think this whole discussion is a bit pointless? Who cares if people have 'tech' accounts? From what I can tell, it is just a friendly account which is being played really badly. When we played, we would always try to have every account playing to the best of their ability. If you have a human wasting their time running a dead account to support another, that could never be as good as two accounts being played well??

    Let them play their stupid games.

    Tech account is an account played for another accounts benefit, built to be raided by 1 single account or 1 single alliance.

    Different from multi how ? It has a player and not played via proxy.

    To clarify the point here, I believe there used to be a rule which stated each account had to be played to its own benefit. Is that correct? Was that rule dropped, allowing multiple people to essentially use multiple accounts to the sole benefit of one?

    Previously a multihunter would have punished such accounts, but I assume they found it too much work so just allowed this practice to happen, and the term 'tech account' was invented?

    Whats the difference between Gunners simming and GOATs, IKEA, GOW and Duat simming?

    There isn't one.

    I made the map because Erised said that GoW were simming by taking two wings to -200 200 area on the map, and suggested that they don't intend to win. I prefer to see the whole map and make decisions based upon objective fact rather than rumours from one person's perspective. There is clearly simming in every quad, and I would say GoW are not doing the most.

    Also I am thinking about which quad to move my account to. I intend on doing a lot of simming, and would like to find a friendly, safe area to do it in.

    jk , its for hero xp , im not going to defend or deny it tho , people use their techs to push , i asked them to splat scouts on me instead 8)

    Oh dear.. shouldn't accounts be played for their own benefit? Or have some integrity?

    Wouldn't it be better to get hero xp the fun way? :)

    I made a map to help see where the large groups are. Thanks to Blitzkrieger for the overview of groups!

    Apologies for the villages being a bit big and sitting on top of each other. I used to use a mapping tool which made each village one pixel and looked much better - does anyone happen to know whether that still exists?

    Of course, I don't really know what's going on. Here's my analysis anyway:


    GoW (GoW, Gow. and Gow..)

    Loads of them near me on the map, so I should probably say something nice. They seem a bit antisocial though.

    Duat (Duat, NoSpies and Strange)

    They like being near the centre of the map. Probably, they fancy their chances of winning the game.

    WoW (WoW and WoW II)
    Wow don't like being in the middle quite as much as Duat. They have a really silly name - 'Wonders of the World' is setting the bar a bit high. No way can they live up to that.


    A late entry, only formed today. Clearly the best alliance there is. Don't bother asking to join.



    They have the earliest formed alliances (numbers 2, 12 and 36, excluding Goofers). Perhaps they are just well organised?

    DND (DND and DSD)

    Most likely scared of the GUNNERS. They are running away and hiding.

    NE (NE, +NE and NE+)

    Has to be the least original name ever.


    GOATS (Goatters, GOATS and GOATZ)

    Big goaty heads - think they're better than everyone else.


    Will they survive??



    Why is the SE always the most boring quad?

    2.01 (2.01-X and 2.01-A)

    Can someone tell me who these people are? They might want to join Bubbles and move to the NW? I guess they would be disappointed if they asked.

    every alliance is guilty of cheating

    Not true.

    I have not played for 10 years or so, but am back now. In my experience of playing back then, and I suspect it is the same now, those who cheat do not win in the long run. Their bots make stupid mistakes. Their cheating gets caught out. Even if they are not punished by the multihunters (or whoever does that job now), it is obvious to an experienced player what they are doing. They are less good at the game, hence why they feel the need to cheat.

    We consistently raided more resources, killed more troops and grew stronger armies. Because we played better.

    We need not concern ourselves with them, nor assume everyone cheats. We have never cheated, and would prefer it if you didn't suggest we have :)

    So I started on COM3 in 2009 with TB The Borg? which over the years, evolved into TR Triumph. Some really great players and leaders and friends. Anyone else remember nighthawk, starlilac. Bratac, Scout, Tums, WARPIG, falcon and alfie, brm and Dani, Digital Reaper, Commie, nicealice, hiccup, Percy, Ganghista, rikiwatusi, mark, Lanrete, Cherriii, RagnorLothbrok, wangiri, Lindvior/Merlin, firefly and Dolphin ??

    Some familiar names there for sure! I was Bub/Bob/Pip etc (different names on different servers), often in alliance Bubbles.