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    DND/DSD and GUNNERS + wings should be fighting looking at their positioning. But instead they both face to NE ally together and trying to wipe us eventually. Probably will be proud if they achieve it aswell :D.

    But we'll keep showing our teeth and make it easy for you other quadrons to overrun them eventually if this is the road they going to choose ^^

    Being called a ''weak'' alliance is easy to say for all the experienced and organized premade alliances out there. But we'll keep on trying to earn some credits overtime. Never judge a book by its cover.

    P.S. Pippin , nice job on that map, looks awesome:thumbup:

    The idea that players feel the need to use techs, cause everybody does it.. What a joke.
    If you could win a nice amount of money at the end of the server, i could kinda understand it.

    But to use that much effort and time for the ''title winner and some kind of honor''.
    How to screw up a fun game.

    You should all be ashamed of yourselves for bringing a fun game like this down the drains.
    How could you even have fun playing this way, ruïning other peoples accounts who play fair and even be proud about it?

    Hope they can find a way to get this cancerous playstyle out of the game real quick..