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    They are good yes, but why not adapt and try to overcome them by attempting to employ similar or stronger strategies, going for a zergfest seems pretty lame ngl, especially for a famed alliance like goats that in the past would have instigated a 4 quad war against themselves, back when the glory of battle used to take precedence from any kind of zerg tactics..

    Adapt and overcome Gunners by attempting to employ similar or stronger strategies?

    What strategies exactly mate?

    Recruiting more people then anyone else pre server?

    Pre server NAP to give away a good chunk of your own quad only to go to war with thr group 10 days prior to arti and seeing your arti haul significantly lower then what it might have been as a result?

    Stealing artifacts with turncoats?

    Having more accounts then actual people and promoting the use of tor to make this happen from the get go?

    I'm genuinely curious to know what masterful strategy Gunners have utilised that should be replicated by others in your opinion.

    As if you would have let a bunch of farms 2.01/TEN recruited sit in the middle of GZ. Would hardly call that attacking TEN, especially since they branded themselves as "IKEA 2" when we asked them nicely to relocate early on. We do not get enjoyment out of beating random players or new players for no apparent reason, but what can you do. They joined 2.01 and we kept hammering them when they merged with TEN. We can return to this topic at a later point in time if it ever becomes relevant again (doubtful). This is not to say that 2.01 are a bunch of farms, I bet they really needed some extra buffer against TEN so eh. Citing this as a casus belli is a bit of weird one (as if you needed one, no CB is not -2 stability in this game). The underlying reasons are most probably something that won't get discussed publicly (yet). Again, a conversation maybe worth having once the server is concluded. For all intents and purposes, so long as nobody is able to speak openly all you get is autistic screeching and bad faith arguments.

    Also some people here have made some pretty bold statements saying that we in IKEA plan things. I would like to assure you that this is not the case. In this video, you can see a clear example of how IKEA management decides on any given course of action throughout the server, or prior to it starting. Creative solutions require creative methods, after all.

    Maybe you can't remember, I don't know.

    But, do you remember when TEN copped a joint op from DND + 2.01 and Ikea decided to jump on in and fling some of their own hammers in making it 3 teams v 1? That occurred because the landing time was put into public.

    Ikea perfectly happy to throw their own hammers into a 3 v 1 op situation but you want to come here and cry incessantly when TEN decided to return the favour?

    Maybe next time don't participate in a joint op if you don't want the same coming back at you.

    From what I've heard the landing time was shared to TEN in public and we just decided to follow on in. ^^ :*

    So has GoW done as well but I don't see you chewing them about it, I wonder why?

    Duat has said this as well in Discord, Nordics are no angels either on this matter but you are either completely blind or wilfully ignorant to your zerg friends activities. But who is surprised really?

    Saravan. You literally removed half of sentence, before quoting it to suit what you wanted to say.

    Next time you want to discuss something. Please quote the entire sentence without removing half.

    I said, openly promoting the use of tor while kicking someone in week 1 for res purchasing is a joke (that was done because they wanted to be the "ethical" team).

    You are right to point out I did not say this same thing towards other teams, such as TEN, Duat or GoW. Probably because.. TEN, Duat or GoW didn't pretend to be some kind of virtuous/morally righteous team by booting someone and citing "ethics" whilst at the same time openly promoting clear breaking of the game rules.

    Do you understand now what I am saying? Feel free to msg me if you don't.

    I came here today looking for banter from the two ops that landed very recently. Back reading this I see a lot about how Gunners is outnumbered and in a never ending war. How we will quit if we dont start making bridges (aka zerging). If Gunners losses this 5v1 war then so be it. If we lose every cap, feeder, and village then so be it. I will not quit, give in out of fear and spite. We will fight till we have nothing left to fight with, and when this happens we will fight that much harder. So do as you say, zero us 30 or 40 targets at a time. We are not farms or noobs who quit when we lose our caps or hammers. Our resolve and commitment as a team from what I can tell has never been stronger. I do not speak for gunners in what I say, just a simple follower and believer in Gunners.

    On a side note I find it amusing how cocky the zergers are on the forums. Dont let it go to your head, you may have numbers, you may have a few skilled players, however I believe you have instilled a resolve in your enemies to see you fall faster then you rose. How this post will age, will be a true testament of how the server has gone.

    Nice speech bro.

    I suspect not everyone in Gunners shares your resolve 8).

    Good to see the group who's spokesperson states using plants in other teams to lift arties and using multi's is a necessity still has followers.

    Gunners leaders claim to have more accounts then people? And openly promoting abuse of tor while kicking someone from your group because they bought res in week 1. It's a joke mate.

    Now this noble warrior can continue safe in the knowledge he is operating zerg free. As his 200+ account team continues to fight his former team of approx 100 accounts. Noble indeed :)

    Agreed Nothing honrable about working with teams buying resources, nothing honrable in using pretend people to play accounts, nothing honrable in zerging 4 quads against one,

    Im pretty sure you don’t play in Gunners so is this what you call your honor ?

    You sound very deluded, trying to make a lot of noise over a potential spy and a player found unhappy with their team, which was certainly not unorthodox and not like these tactics haven’t been seen before or won’t be seen again.

    Against all the odds the only team I see with honor is the team here with the strictest policy against those that break the rules. The team that believes in their players and their abilities. The team that doesn’t need to try to unify almost an entire server to do anything for the win. The team that’s not afraid to fight against all the odds, even if it means staring in the face of defeat.


    Gunners leaders have repeatedly stated they have considerably less people (actual humans) then they do accounts. Gunners themselves have stated like 150 people- when they had well over 200 accounts premade.

    I'll let you explain again perhaps how Gunners has the strictest policy against breaking the rules? When clearly there is widespread rulebreaking throughout the leadership and entire team?

    Please, here, where the travian moderators perhaps read. Explain, how you have considerably less humans than you do accounts without breaking the rules of the game?

    The mojo jojo account from last server was confirmed to be tor run by Gunners leaders themselves. Clearly the player is perfectly ok with breaking the game rules.

    It can be interesting at times to observe the behavior of leadership groups in the game.

    It is a shame to see some continually revert to pettiness and small minded insults rather than attempt to engage. I think this does nothing but reflect poorly on the individuals. Many nice people in Gunners that like to play the game hard but fair. But the past week or so has revealed some have different values.

    During the blow up of the Ikea/Goats relations many months ago. I certainly recall much light hearted trolling. And quite a few Goats crying, but i dont recall leaders from either group resorting to childish insulting at each other.

    Similar today, Ikea and Duat have been crapped on. Their leaders have gone about their business and stuck up for their groups and done so in a fairly admirable manner. I haven't seen Loffe or AFK raging/bitching or moaning at all. In fact they appear to have done the opposite.

    Can't help but observe here that I would be very happy to be playing in a group w leaders demonstrating such calm in a difficult position whilst still arguing strongly for their groups as Loffe and AFK have done. But would be a bit dissapointed being in a group led by the examples of small minded insults and pettiness shown above and elsewhere.

    If that behaviour is a reflection of who you are I feel embarrassed for you.

    Still crying about how unfair life is that 200 accounts can't fight fairly against 100 accounts I see?

    Get a grip lads. You have a lot of players that are quality. Lead them to victory and stop showering them w waterfalls of tears.


    I'm not taking anything out of context. In respect of your posting I thought the words of a Gunner rep like Avis were rather relevant to clarify that not everyone in Gunners necessarily reads from the same script as yourself.

    I can properly reply about zerging.

    I didn't think we would defend a DnD member tbh. But the decision was made by TEN leaders and I trust them to make decisions in TENs best interest tbh. They have a demonstrable history of making decisions in the interest of furthering TENs potential for success and more often than not they get them right.

    Honestly the sheer weight of rage and tears it's created amongst some particularly sensitive and emotional Gunner member's in the last 24 hrs makes me think the decision made was 1,000% worth it :D.

    These aren't the kind of things I normally like to see happening in truth. But, in all honesty - who really cares? Last round i recall each team getting joint ops thrown at it at different stages.

    I certainly don't recall GoW members moaning and crying to this extent when "ultimate warriors" Gunners ran joint "zerg" ops to hit their end game hammers and WW last round?

    Personally, rather than Gunners leadership and senior players resorting to crying endlessly on the forum and discord. Perhaps it might, might, might just be better for Gunners leadership and senior players to, you know, objectively consider how they found themselves in their current predicament, and whose decision making is really at fault for it occurring, and take action and decisions to perhaps better your members and group? ... Or you know, instead you can just carry on whinging and crying about how unfair everything is.

    The below words were written by Avis - a leader of Gunners alongside Batman. They were written to Batman, apologies for the inability to quote from the other thread where it was originally posted by Avis, I'm not 100% sure how to do so.

    "At some point you gotta realize you need to stop and think for once in your life, you are making Gunners look like such a big joke in forum and it's honestly getting quite annoying from a leadership standpoint."

    "Are you actually playing in Gunners? Cause i have a hard time to believe you are and would do this to your own alliance, when someone reads your comments and doesn't know us we look like the biggest hypocrites in the server but nothing that you say in any way represents Gunners. You did exactly the same thing last server, got all the attention on us pre-arties and than slowly went quiet, rather you just go quiet from beggining right now or calm down with all the nonsense comments."

    Happy to be very wrong.

    I think I said this a while back, but if DND + their 2.01 meatshields can create a viable indepedent 5th power on the server, separate and in sometimes opposition to Gunners. It will make for a fun round over the next several months, even if it is them largely fighting TEN it will make a very interesting dynamic. They have enough experience and enough accounts to give it a shake.

    Interested to see how things pan out w the 2 wildcard Nordic stalking Grey zone.

    Today is a sad day for the players that wanted peace for the north east. In a recent turn of events some in Gunners and dnd are considering to walk away from their well deserved, well planned nap.

    A few rogue attacks have already been sent out with the potential to escalate very quickly. calmer heads needs to prevail if the ne is to be saved from combusting. the enemy was never meant to be in our quad our old rivals are getting ready and waiting for us over the borders.

    The longer Gunners and Dnd fight the stronger our enemies over the border will become, now is the time to cement nap relations and solidify strength and unity, especially so close to artis.

    What happened to the ultimate warriors?

    Now the sniffle, dribble and hug crew?

    P.S. Heverton by the way say your right, it was a co-ordinated OP, what does it matter if the two targets are completely separate and irrelevant to each other.. Or are you trying to say Ten and GoW couldnt defend each other as a result of the ‘co-ordinates’ OP? Is this GoW & Ten confirmed confed?? Itll be interesting to see.. All will be revealed soon..

    Well. Pretending the inference was right, and that it was deliberate co ordination. It matters because that LukeHaines bloke came here and clearly stated DND would be nobodies VP.

    But it turns out, if the collabarotion was real, their players are spending their time. And troops, doing nothing but "protecting" Gunners from a non existent, frankly ludicrous concept of collaboration between others. One must ask, how it possibly benefits DND to do so given they are of course, in the server to play for a win in their own right.

    It's frankly idiotic, to suggest that TEN and GoW could possibly defend each other, even if there was a confed. Given their own situations.

    Let's continue to let actual events, and thus, facts, speak clearly for themselves. Honestly.

    Without throwing around bullshit about make believe confeds. As you appear keen to do. Let's simply let the next set of events evidence if teams are working together or not.

    I feel that many members of Gunners. Have perhaps forgotten that quite a few members of TEN are quite happy to be seeing GoW get stomped on, especially after the unfortunate events that occurred last server.

    Batman, would you like to offer the readers an explanation from your perspective on how Gunners, launching their very first op on GoW, managed to have DND also launch on TEN at the exact same landing time?

    Gunners, have stated in the server discord, that it was due to GoW people posting landing times on discord. Which doesn't really make sense, as DND were marching for over 30+ hrs on some targets. And it wasn't 1 or 2 people aka Ikea's smart use of following DND's op window disclosed by TEN prior but many people launching. Separately it was also stated that it was completely random and actually unplanned. Which is fair enough ... these things after all can be completely random.

    Given you know both teams so well, and appear to be well informed about what is happening internally in each and letting the wider community know here, our insider!

    Perhaps you can shed some light? Does the NE NAP agreement extend to shared ops already?

    Getting closer to arti day, will be most interesting if their are more random/accidental/unplanned co ordination between the 2 separate teams leading up to and upon that day.

    Will their be a NAP on arti catta points in the quad??? Mmm. All will be revealed soon.

    Ne, Dnd in particular are already fighting against far greater odds and were first to venture cross quad no less. You don’t hear them crying about the server, they worked long and hard securing a nap so they could pummel any quad without restrictions. That’s how you adapt, be like water adapt and overcome!

    Dnd have two wings ten have 4, but it didn’t restrict dnd from attacking, they didn’t come to the forums first to complain about how strong ten look in comparison either. Instead Dnd wiped the floor with level 18 fields before ten could even send a fake.|46b1607a x4|c27f4016 X4

    You can cower, cry and hide or you can bite the bullet and decide to actually do something about it.


    Please stick to facts. I know it can be hard.

    If you open your travian account's on com2 in either DND or Gunners. ( i used a plural becuase I assume you have an account in each team).

    You can observe that TEN has 3 wings. Not 4 as you stated.

    You can observe that across these 3 wings. TEN currently has 174 accounts.

    DND has 97 accounts across 2 wings. And their friends in 2.01 who are fighting w them in the war against TEN have 3 wings for approx. 150 accounts.

    So in the war currently occurring. 174 accounts in TEN vs 240 something in DND and 2.01. You have probably observed that, 1 of these 3 wings of TEN, 1 was not premade. But recruited in game, so of course we have a few relative newbies who are coming along for the journey. DND had 2 premade wings. Funnily enough ... the same number of premade wings TEN brought to the server.... yet one of these teams harbours ambitions to try to fight for a server win in their own right. The other perhaps not. In time maybe we will see, i hope both do try.

    I understand you want to romantise the bravery of those in DND. But, please, cease the bullshit about them being underdogs fighting against great odds. The combination of DND and 2.01 vs TEN is proving to be a good match up and quite a bit of fun. I feel both sides are relatively well balanced in strength (for now anyway obviously the war can lead to the balance of strength going either way, I certainly feel either side as the potential to win a war).

    Its a good fun match up, the way travian should be. Frankly, as a member of TEN, I've come to the conclusion that I am happy to play out the server having fun w this match up. And don't really care what else happens in other areas. If ya'll want to let Gunners sim to the win you can etc. We will have a good time here playing the game I suspect.

    I actually think boring gunners to death through inaction is perhaps not a bad approach for the others in the server to take.

    Everyone else fight against each other through the server and we all send end game hammer on Gunners at the end.

    As I said before its not the attacks on the players in the grey that made me raise the point. We have had attacks from Gunners and Goats on our members in their quads and I don't for a a second think there is anything going on there. Its the attacks on the players 10 to 20 tiles a way from the grey zone with TEN members between them and the grey that I thought was odd. I am not saying there is anything actually going on but compared to most Batman's analysis I thought it was a more relevant point.

    A number of our leaders have been contacted by your leadership asking for us to join you and this wasn't right at the start of the game but just a couple of weeks back was the last attempt. When it was clear that this tactic would not work you even started sending out long essays to our players trying to get them to leave. And we do not hide any reports, we allow anyone to post them on our discord channel. We don't send out reports in MMs but we do not do that for successful reports either.

    Willb1. You could simply ask Ikea directly. They have demonstrated to be reasonably transparent with their decision making.

    Only a thought, I haven't actually checked myself, but the players of yours being hit by Ikea atm. They wouldn't happen to be located on sites very very likely to be extremely close to future potential artifact spawn points would they?

    Both Ikea and Duat are very much here to play hard. It probably hasn't escaped their attention that the majority of 2.01 have been clustering in the region near the central grey area. I'm quite certain they are probably not charitable enough to want to give away any key artifacts they can reasonably reach from their positioning to 2.01 or frankly any other alliance. I'm honestly expecting a lot of jostling to occur between many teams over the next month in the Grey and spawn regions as teams try to position strategically as best as they can for day 100.

    Batman. Suggesting that Ikea have some kind of affiliation or collaboration to work with another meta (in this case TEN) to kick someone weaker (in this case 2.01) on a joint basis is a bit of an insult to Ikea.

    They are the team that went to war and broke a NAP deliberately on the basis they did not want to be part of what they perceived to be collaboration with others only 30 days ago. To suggest the same team (Ikea) subsequently turned straight around and immediately started to collaborate is kinda questioning their entire raison d'etre.

    It doesn't take much time to open a Map of greyzone and observe that 2.01 for reasons known only to them have decided it's a splendid idea to settle 8 of their 2.01 villas in the greyzone. And then act surprised and shocked that a couple of Ikea accounts might be taking an interest in them as a result. Who would have thought? 8o

    TEN and IKEA have a NAP until proven otherwise.

    After what happened to Goats I bet there is a queue of teams wanting to NAP Ikea. ^^

    It's possible Ikea are just picking over 2.01 looking for farms? There are no organised mass ops from Ikea on 2.01 clearly. Just single accounts bumping shoulders with each other in their local neighborhood = TEN must be Napping them :S?

    Come on Batty.

    All of a sudden, you have absolutely nothing at all to say. Please tell us. Since you know so much about what's happening in both Gunners and DND. Will they fight over artis to ensure they don't get left with little or no diets and trainers? Will 1 of them be happy to watch the other grab a stack of important artis in their own quad from underneath them? Or will it be a case of.. still not confedding of course, but finding a way to work together to divide up artifacts in your quad in a peaceful manner? There are plenty of very talented end game players in Gunners. Would be a shame for them to miss out on trainers and diets to DND (and vice versa).

    Although still about a month away. Day 100 is shaping up to be considerably interesting as to how it could alter current dynamics on the server.