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    Hello everyone,

    I have been trying to figure out which game worlds are usually the busiest so that i can go on one of those for my next server.

    I was doing some research and learned that travian legends is not the only game. There is:

    Travian Legends

    Travian Shadow Embires

    Travian Kingdoms

    What i understand is the Tavian legends is innovating into the second 2 where they will be the future of this great game.

    Can someone give us a brief explanation of the differences between them and most importantly which are usually more busy.

    i loved the old days with a lot of players as you can really farm and expand, but now it's completed empty around me (arabic server 6)

    if you are wondering why i am posing here as opposed to the arabic forums, it's because english is my native language. I speak arabic very well but i don't even have an arabic keyboard lol

    I would really appreciate some guidance if should stick to legends or if those other worlds normally have more players.

    thank you for your input:)