Hi Pedro

    As you see there were many opponents against Thailand and TW and all they have our respect except COT and you should know the reason of that...

    COT leaders behavior during this server make them a cheap alliance although you have many good players.

    Many disrespect and insults make them be in this stage,this is not about losing or winning, this is about showing class and prestige...

    I clearly remember when our alliance decided to break down our pact with COT(because we found there's no plan in their leaders mind), Butch(amun ra) sent me a message and made ((racist insults)) against us just for an oasis!

    Not all of people deserve your loyalty, remember this...

    I hope all going ok for everyone.

    See you in 2020 Final👍

    Hi mate

    Maybe you didn't see Thailand and Linsen and ES attacks reports on eachother.

    They trained monsters and giants specially Thai guys!

    I have reports but that's out of my service haha.

    They will release reports after finishing the server probably.

    I know you can't answer because there's no excuses anymore.

    But just with a statistics let's finish this hilarious conversation.

    How much players exicst in each side (in first 20 alliances)

    💠 COT + ES + CN + Linsen + NKRI = 550acc

    💠 Thailand and TW = 454 acc

    This show everything...

    1. From the beginning till day 70th which we made pact with Thailand, we was fighting with whole of server without even one friend.

    But we never didn't cry like kids.

    2. People leave COT not cause they're snake, actually cause they aren't happy and feel abused by COT old players.

    One of people who left and joined us told me when BadGuy was destroying his capital asked leaders for defense and they told him ((your village doesn't cost to defense!))

    Our player ((Lecko)) is Turkish like you and left COT lile many others.

    You can ask him how different we treat new people than COT leaders.

    3. If you're alone so why did Linsen gave you BP?

    All of these alliances are your friends.

    Linsen 3 wings

    CN 2 wings

    ES 4 wings

    NKRI 3 wings

    Aren't they?!

    4. These hammers who destroyed your WW all has been trained without trainer art and without gold (because travian gold shop banned out country)

    You even couldn't train the same with trainer and tons of golds.

    So please be an Adult man and respect our skills and efforts.

    Best Regards

    Easy Meat...

    Maybe for first time in ((Travian History)) a WW destroyed from 5 fields away xd (Joe dalton Capital)

    COT won't forget this village...

    They lost their slight storage and more than 2 millions offensive troops and after all their WW just from this little village 🤪

    Best Regards and Good Game Everyone❤️